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image of KitweKitwe is in northern Zambia, very close to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s actually the second-largest city in the country, and is quite modern with many facilities for travellers. The area is a major copper-mining region and it is not geared towards tourism specifically so you won’t find very many typical attractions in Kitwe.

About 60km away from Kitwe is the Ndola Airport (airport code: NLA) which offers the best options for flights to Kitwe. Zambezi Airlines, South African Airways and Kulula Airlines all offer a non-stop flight to Kitwe from South Africa that typically takes about 2 hours. You can also fly with Kenya Airways for a route that has a transfer in Nairobi. For a 2-stop option, you can fly with Air Botswana and go through Gaborone as well as Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kitwe:


The main open-air market in Kitwe is the Chisokone Market, where there are vendors selling fruits, vegetables, and other household goods. Behind this market area is the section for more handicraft items, such as baskets, carvings and many copper-crafted souvenirs. This section is usually named the Obote Market.

Mwekwera Falls

The Mwekwera waterfall isn’t huge or dramatic, but the area is pretty enough and it is a popular place for a walk or picnic along the shores of the lake. The spot is about 9km south-east of Kitwe, off the main highway.

Chembe Bird Sanctuary

The region of Zambia that Kitwe is situated within does not have many protected wildlife areas, so you won’t have too many nature parks to see while in Kitwe. But the Chembe Bird Sanctuary isn’t too far (20km) and will provide a chance to see many native birds as well as a population of crocodiles. There is a lake on the property for fishing, boating or nearby camping.

Lower Zambezi National Park

This will take most of the afternoon to drive, but if you have the time then you should head south to the Lower Zambezi National Park. It’s right on the border with Zimbabwe and a great park for wildlife viewing. Among the animals you will see are elephants, gazelles, hippos, buffalo and lots of crocodiles along the water. You can take a jeep trip through the park, or get on the water with some boating or fishing. The area is mostly forested and there are several rivers flowing through, including the large Zambezi River.

To get to the park, you can take a main highway through Lusaka which is a larger city that would offer a chance to do additional sight-seeing and get any needed supplies.

When Should You Visit?:

Kitwe is always warm but usually still comfortable except for one period in the autumn when the heat gets a little excessive. That would be from September until November. It will reach around 31C (88F) during the day at that point of the year. The rest of the year will be more like 27C (81F) instead. You can get cooler weather in June and July if you prefer, when the days are more like 24C (75F) and the nights are actually chilly.

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