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Flights to Chitungwiza

image of ChitungwizaLocated just on the southern outskirts of Harare, Chitungwiza is a small city in its own right. It’s not a wealthy area and you may have to go into Harare for some things if you are staying for an extended period of time. Most of the local attractions are outside of the city and you can find several places to see the natural beauty of Zimbabwe.

You can get flights to Chitungwiza that arrive at the Harare International Airport (airport code: HRE), which is the main airport for Zimbabwe. It’s only 8km away. You will be able to get a non-stop flight to Chitungwiza coming from Johannesburg with either British Airways or South African Airways. A flight can also be arranged with Zambezi Airlines, though theirs has one connection in Lusaka. The non-stop flights to Chitungwiza are just under 2 hours long but the other is considerably longer.

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The Tourist Attractions of Chitungwiza:

A short drive to the north of Chitungwiza will bring you into Harare, and there are many things to do there. The National Gallery and the Queen Victoria Museum are two good choices for a little history, and the National Botanic Gardens is a peaceful outdoor place for a walk. For a lively look at Harare life, take a browse through the Mbare fleamarket.

Lake Chivero Recreational Park
This park is north-west of the city and completely surrounds Lake Chivero. The name may not indicate it, but this is actually a busy game park and a great place to see local wildlife. Even though it is close to Harare, you can find ostriches, zebra, rhinos, giraffe, gazelles, baboons and many others. Bushman’s Point offers some additional historical sights with caves and pre-historic rock paintings.

Nyanga National Park
It will take a few hours to drive from Chitungwiza, but the Nyanga National Park is a much larger natural area that offers a lot for tourists. It is mostly open or lightly wooded with some higher mountain elevations to the centre of the park where you will find the high Mutarazi Falls. There are many types of antelope through the park, as well as monkeys, leopards and the occasional buffalo. There are many marked hiking trails through the park, or you can go horseback riding instead. The numerous rivers in the area also offer boating and fishing for additional activities.

Umfurudzi Safari Area
The Nyanga National Park isn’t known for its wildlife, but you can see more animals if you head north from Chitungwiza to the Umfurudzi Safari Area. The area is home to hippos, baboons, zebras, wildebeest, impala and leopards. This park is a little more remote than the others and a 4×4 vehicle is a good idea since you won’t be travelling on major roads to get there.

When Should You Visit?:

It is usually warm in Chitungwiza with a few months of hotter weather during their summer months of October and November. That is when the temperature will reach 28C (82F) during the day. The rest of the year is only a few degrees cooler, except in June and July when it cools down further. Then you can expect temperatures of 21C (70F) instead. This is usually the best time to travel as it is cool as well as dry. It will be much rainier in January and February.

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