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image of GweruGweru is one of the larger cities in Zimbabwe, and it’s located right in the centre of the country. It is a provincial capital and a major industrial centre. Even so, there are many good tourist attractions in the vicinity of Gweru that you should know about.

The closest airport for international flights to Gweru is the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (airport code: BUQ), located about 140km away in Bulawayo. When coming in from Johannesburg, you will only be able to fly with South African Airways. They have a non-stop flight to Gweru that takes under 2 hours. If that is not suitable, you can also fly into Harare International Airport (code: HRE) which is 220km from Gweru. To Harare, you can fly with Kenya Airways, South African Airways or British Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gweru:

Shona and Ndebele are the main languages spoken in Gweru but there will likely be some people who speak English in and around the hotels and restaurants.

Antelope Park
Just outside of Gweru is Antelope Park, and though it is quite small by nature reserve standards, it is still quite popular due to the large population of lions. You can actually take a walk (with a staff guide only) through parts of the park and interact with uncaged lions. It’s quite remarkable, and makes for a very memorable safari.

Matobo National Park
You will have to drive south-west toward Bulawayo, and it is just a tiny bit farther for this unusual wildlife park. What makes it different from most parks are the large stone formations scattered through the area. There are some extraordinary balancing stones that make for excellent photos. Aside from the natural scenery, you can also see leopards, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, ostriches and rhinos. It’s a great park for seeing a wide range of what the Zimbabwe countryside has to offer.

Mutirikwi National Park
If you head off to the south-east from Gweru instead, you can see the Mutirikwi National Park just on the other side of the town of Masvingo. Set on the shores of Lake Mutirikwi, you’ll see another side of Zimbabwe. Though near the lake, it is very dry here and the park is made up of stark stone and cactus fields. Some of the local caves have neolithic paintings for a little look at ancient history.

Naletale Ruins
Not far from the main highway down to Bulawayo are the ruins at Naletale. All that remains are some high rock walls with interesting stone-work patterns, all dating to the 17th century and part of the Torwa kingdom of the time.

When Should You Visit?:

Most of the year in Gweru is very warm but not painfully hot. To get the coolest season, plan your trip in June or July when it only reaches 20C (68F) during the day. This is also the time of year with no rain, so it really is quite comfortable for any outdoor sightseeing. It will get hotter in October and November, just before the heavier rains begin. Those months easily reach 28C (82F) in the daytime and can be a little too hot for comfort.

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