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image of HarareLocated close to the centre of Zimbabwe, the city of Harare is the country’s capital and largest city. Originally founded as Fort Salisbury in 1890, Harare offers attractions related to its historic past, but is also a bustling modern city.

Travelling from South Africa there are several non-stop flights to Harare International Airport (airport code: HRE), with South African Airways, British Airways or Kulula. A flight to Harare with any of these airlines will take around an hour and a half when you are departing from Johannesburg. For a considerably longer flight to Harare, you can fly with either Kenya Airways or Zambezi Airlines. The first one will connect in Nairobi, and the second stops in Lusaka.

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The Tourist Attractions of Harare:

While Harare isn’t bursting with tourist attractions it’s an attractive city to visit and has a good mixture of modern and historical architecture to see. As African cities go, Harare really is modern, boasting a number of taller buildings that wouldn’t look out of place in any North American city, but while the government is keen to develop the city they have also been careful to retain its heritage and historical value wherever possible. One of the favourite features of Harare is its attractive, tree-lined streets that give the city a grand, though scenic atmosphere.

As you wander along these streets you’ll see some of Harare’s best known landmarks and architecture. There are many nice buildings to see including the Mining Pension Fund Building.

National Heroes Acre
Started just one year after Zimbabwe gained independence, the National Heroes Acre actually covers an area of 57 acres and is a national monument and burial ground that commemorates the people who were killed while fighting for independence. The monument is attractive and peaceful and includes a statue of an unknown soldier along with an eternal flame.

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe
The National Gallery is the major museum of Harare and for the country as a whole. It features the national collection and focuses on the art and heritage of the country.

The Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences is another major museum, which, when it was first opened, was called the Queen Victoria Museum.

Gardens and Parklands in Harare
While Harare is growing, care has been taken to preserve the city’s open spaces, so there are still many places you can go to get away from the city streets. The National Botanic Garden of Zimbabwe is situated within the Alexandra Park suburb of Harare and it has around 900 species of wild trees and shrubs to enjoy that are native to Zimbabwe.

The Mukuvisi Woodlands is less landscaped and more natural than the botanic garden, and covers a huge area where you can walk though woodlands and see other plants and animals, while the Kopje is also a popular spot.

Pronounced “koppie”, the Kopje is isn’t necessarily somewhere you would come to enjoy a walk as it’s a large granite hill just on the outskirts of Harare city centre, but you would come here to enjoy the city views, which are quite something from the top!

When Should You Visit?:

You should probably plan a visit to avoid the months of November to March as this is the rainy season in Harare. Between June and August rainfall is virtually non existent and there are pleasant temperatures with average highs between 21 and 23C, making this a good time to visit.

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