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Flights to Durres

image of DurresDurres is Albania’s second largest city and the oldest city in the country. Located centrally on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Durres offers tourists beaches as well as culture and other attractions.

The nearest airport for flights to Durres is the Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza (airport code: TIA), which is about 30 kilometres away near the city of Tirana and the village of Rinas. Lufthansa has a one-stop flight to Durres, arriving at Tirana that goes through Munich, and Turkish Airlines also stops once but in Istanbul. South African Airways takes a longer route through Cairo and Athens, as does Egyptair. Another option would be a flight to Durres with Virgin Atlantic going through London and then Munich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Durres:

Durres may not be particularly well known outside of Albania but it’s very popular as a summer holiday destination for the Albanians, and more and more foreign tourists are discovering what this city has to offer too. The coastal location is certainly a draw as visitors can enjoy Durres’s nice beaches and good climate. When you add in the city’s sights to the mix Durres is definitely a good alternative to other cities in this part of Europe.

Beaches in Durres

The Adriatic Sea comes ashore on the beaches of Durres making this a popular summer holiday destination especially with the Albanians but also with Italians who live just across this narrow part of the sea from Durres. Like most other destinations in Albania, a holiday in Durres is still very affordable with the relatively low cost of accommodation, eating out, and attractions.

One thing you might not expect to find on the beaches are large numbers of concrete bunkers. These were built in order to defend Durres and Albania from attack but were never used.

Durres Amphitheatre

One of the main landmarks of Durres is the Durres Roman Amphitheatre. The site is under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site because this is the largest amphitheatre in the Balkans and it’s under threat from development. The huge theatre could once seat up to 20,000 people and was built in the second century AD. It was only discovered in the late 1900s so the city had been built around and over it, and today only about half of the amphitheatre is uncovered.

Museums in Durres

There are several museums in Durres that tourists can visit including the Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of History, both of which will give further insight into the long history of the city. Another interesting museum is Ahmet Zogu’s Villa of Durres. This is a large villa that was built as a summer residence for King Zogu though was only used twice by him.

When Should You Visit?:

If you want to enjoy those beaches the best time to visit is during the summer when it’s hot and relatively dry. July and August both have average highs of 30C, and summer lasts roughly from May to October. Winters are cool to mild and probably ok for sightseeing. The average high in January is 11C so getting a little chilly.

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