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image of Homel Known as both Gomel and Homel, this city is the second largest in Belarus and it’s situated in the south east of the country. Though not as popular as some of Belarus’ towns and cities, Homel does have several things to see and do.

The Gomel Airport (airport code: GME) only handles local flights to Homel with Gomelavia Airlines. For international flights to Gomel, you’ll have to arrive at the Minsk International Airport (code: MSQ). From there you may be able to link up with a domestic flight to Homel, take a train, or you can rent a car for the 4-hour drive. The shortest flight is through Frankfurt, and you can book with either South African Airlines or Lufthansa. Their flights are around 17 hours long. Otherwise, you can fly through London with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways for a 22 hour flight.

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The Tourist Attractions of Homel :

Gomel was founded as a town in 1142, and in 1854 it merged with the town of Bielica, which lies across the River Sozh. Nowadays, as Gomel has grown, Bielica is now a borough of the larger city.

Following on from the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, large amounts of radiation rained down on Gomel and its surroundings, but the people of the city were never officially evacuated. Some did decide to leave of their own accord, but despite this the city doesn’t seem to have suffered the ill effects of the radiation.

Gomel is the second largest city in Belarus though when compared to the capital, Minsk, it’s not readily associated as a tourist destination. If you’re planning on travelling around Belarus and exploring some of its beautiful scenery, castles and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you might like to use Gomel as a base. While you’re staying here there are still several things within the city itself that you can see and do…

Homel does have a range of attractive and well kept buildings in the classicism style that date from the late 18th to early 19th century, making this a nice city to stroll around, enjoying the architecture. The city theatre is very typical of this period with its column frontage and roof statues. Paskevich Palace is another landmark.

In the region surrounding Gomel there are a couple of other towns you can visit. These include the ancient town of Chechersk which also has several classicism buildings and an unusual city hall. Turov is another ancient town and it has the remains of a 12th century cathedral.

The Pripyanskiy National Park is one of several national parks in Belarus and it’s within the Gomel Oblast region.

When Should You Visit?:

Gomel’s climate is much like the rest of Belarus and has a temperate continental climate. This means winters don’t get too harsh while summers don’t get too hot. During the summer temperatures are usually around 20C (68F) and although this is the warmest time of year it is also the wettest and most humid. Spring and autumn are usually short and relatively mild, while winters can be fairly long and cool to cold.

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