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image of HasseltHasselt is a city in Belgium and the capital of the province of Limburg in Flanders, so it’s located in north east Belgium. Founded in the 7th century Hasselt is a historical town and does have some historical attractions as well as museums and culture to enjoy.

There is no local airport for flights to Hasselt, but the Brussels Airport (airport code: BRU) is about an hour’s drive away and offers many flight options. You can get a 1-stop flight to Hasselt (arriving in Brussels) that stops in London with either British Airways or South African Airways, or have a connection in Munich with Lufthansa. KLM will also fly to Brussels, with a transfer in Amsterdam. Most flights to Hasselt are around 14 hours long, including lay-over times.

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The Tourist Attractions of Hasselt:

Hasselt is not one of the better known tourist destinations in Belgium and certainly doesn’t have as many beautiful historical buildings as somewhere like Bruges. All the same, Hasselt does offer a number of attractions and would make a quieter alternative to some of Belgium’s more popular cities, giving visitors a chance to experience the people and culture of the Flemish region without tourism getting in the way.

Historical Hasselt

Hasselt was founded back in the 7th century so it’s certainly seen a lot of history. Though nothing remains from those early days of the city there are still some buildings here from several hundred years later that you might like to visit.

St Quentin’s Cathedral is one and its earliest parts date back to the 11th century. It was actually built over a period of about 700 years, finally being completed in the 18th century. At the centre of Hasselt is the Grote Markt, which is a large town square historically used to host Hasselt’s market. This was the heart of the city and still is in many ways, as the streets emanating from the square are home to many of Hasselt’s restaurants, pubs and bars. Within the municipality of Hasselt is another historical building, Herkenrode Abbey.

Museums of Hasselt

Culture lovers should enjoy visiting some of Hasselt’s museums, which cover a variety of themes and subjects. One interesting museum is the National Jenever Museum. For those who don’t know, Jenever is known in the English speaking world as Dutch Gin and is a juniper flavoured traditional alcoholic drink from which the better known gin evolved.

Other museums in Hasselt include the Urban Fashion Museum, the Museum of the Heilig Paterke, and the Municipal Carillon Museum.

Other Attractions in Hasselt

Hasselt also has a number of parks and gardens for visitors who like green spaces. The Japanese Gardens are popular and of course there are several public parks too. The Virga Jesse Basilica is another religious building along with the cathedral. It stands on the site of an original building from 1334, and the church was constructed in 1727. This suffered major damage during the Second World War and was reconstructed to what you see here today in 1951.

When Should You Visit?:

Along with the rest of Belgium Hasselt is relatively wet and experiences rainfall every month of the year. There’s probably no avoiding the rain so you should try to visit during the warmest months, between June and September when average highs will be around 20C. Winters are cool and with the rain not the best time to come to Hasselt.

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