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image of SpaThe town of Spa is best known these days as the home of the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix though this wasn’t always the case. For hundreds of years Spa has been a place for people to come and get healed by the hot mineral springs.

The local Spa-La Sauveniere Airport is not open to the public, so flights to Spa will have to come to the Brussels Airport (airport code: BRU) which is about 100 kilometres away. You can rent a car for the short trip, or take one of the frequent trains to Spa. Booking a flight to Spa (arriving in Brussels) with Egyptair will take you through Cairo, and Turkish Airlines has a flight to Spa with a connection in Istanbul. Lufthansa is another option. They have a connecting stop in Munich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Spa:

Spa is a relatively small town in the province of Liege, in the Walloon Region of Belgium. It’s surrounded by hills and mountains as the town is set within a valley in the Ardennes Mountains, so it’s a very scenic setting. Spa itself is very pretty with numerous older buildings, squares and fountains, and it attracts a number of tourists throughout the year. During the Formula One weekend though, Spa takes on a different personality and is buzzing with thousands of Formula One fans and the sound of F1 engines roaring!

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Spa’s racetrack is called Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and on the Formula One racing calendar it’s considered to be on the most challenging circuits in the world. This means it’s also a very popular one as both drivers and fans are in for a treat.

The circuit is also host to another major event, the Spa 24 Hours endurance race that was first held in 1924, and each year Volkswagen fans descend on Spa and the race track for the annual Fun Cup and 25 Hours at Spa event.

Thermal Springs at Spa

In days gone by, before the race track, Spa was best known for its healing hot water springs and in a sense it can be considered as the birthplace of the spa, as spas around the world take their name from this small Belgian town! It’s believed that as far back as the 14th century people came here to enjoy the thermal waters and be healed by their supposed healing powers, but Spa had its heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries when the aristocracy of Europe came here. Tzar Peter the Great is said to have been cured of his indigestion by relaxing in Spa’s hot spring waters.

Today you can enjoy a newly renovated spa experience and the extensive hot swimming pools that keep a constant 90 degrees water temperature.

The Casino of Spa

Whether or not you enjoy gambling you should visit the Casino of Spa for its historical significance as this is the oldest casino in the world. It was opened in 1763 and has remained popular for all these years!

When Should You Visit?:

Spa is obviously very popular when there are major events on at the racing circuit, so unless you’re coming for those it’s best to avoid Spa at these times of year. Otherwise Spa is a lovely place to visit in the summer as temperatures are warm, reaching average highs of around 30C. Rainfall is fairly evenly spread across the year, though June, July and December are the wettest months. Winters are generally mild though, dropping to an average high of around 10C in January.

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