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image of BosniaOfficially called Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is a Balkan country situated in south east Europe. Formerly Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia, but since its independence it has emerged into a popular tourist destination with a good variety of attractions.

The main airport in Bosnia for international flights in the Sarajevo Airport (airport code: SJJ), not far from the capital’s city centre. There is no public transportation into the city though you can catch a taxi. Most flights to Bosnia from Johannesburg have 2 stops. The exceptions are with Turkish Airlines, with a connection in Istanbul, and Lufthansa with a transfer in Munich. Other options include flights to Bosnia with Egyptair, connecting in Cairo and Istanbul. If you fly with Virgin Atlantic, you will travel through London and Munich instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bosnia:

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a surprising variation of attractions for tourists, making this a popular destination at any time of the year. From its revitalised cities to its friendly and quiet ski resorts, and even a popular seaside tourism industry, Bosnia has plenty to offer.


Bosnia’s capital and largest city is Sarajevo, and it has recovered from the effects of war quite successfully. It’s not a huge metropolis so retains more of a friendly, small city feel; something that is no doubt helping with its popularity. The Old Town is always the first place most tourists will visit, where the range of architecture and culture gives this part of the city a more Middle Eastern than European feel. Churches are aplenty, but these are interspersed with mosques and synagogues.

Across the rest of the city there are several other popular attractions too – the famous Latin Bridge is one, where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, leading to the start of World War 1. The National Museum and the Bosnian Historical Museum are good museums to visit.

Bosnia’s Other Popular Cities

Sarajevo is popular but Bosnia does offer several other cities that have much to offer too, especially for those visitors interested in historical and cultural attractions. Fortresses are a common site and the Doboj Fortress is one of Bosnia’s top tourist attractions. This fortress offers a look at history but also a look at some fabulous views over the city of Doboj. Kastel Fortress is another and it’s situated in the city of Banja Luka.

Mostar is another popular city. This beautiful place unfortunately suffered plenty of damage during the war, including its famous bridge that connected both halves of the city. Much restoration has since taken place and the bridge has been re-built.

Ski Resorts in Bosnia

With plenty of mountains on offer Bosnia has several excellent ski resorts that have so far kept themselves off the main European ski resort list. This means skiers coming here can enjoy some excellent skiing, and much quieter slopes than elsewhere in Europe. Two top resorts are Bjelasnica and Jahorina, both in the Dinaric Alps.

During the summer the alps and mountainous forests also make wonderful places for hiking where you can enjoy spectacular scenery, and quiet hiking trails.

When Should You Visit?:

During the summer Bosnia can be quite warm at lower elevations, providing pleasant temperatures for sightseeing, and even for swimming on the short coastline. As you go higher into the mountains the temperatures do drop and during the winter it can be quite cold, but of course snowy.

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