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Flights to Croatia

image of CroatiaFormerly part of Yugoslavia, Croatia has become a popular destination for visitors from around the world with its variety of historic destinations, culture, coastal resorts and more.

The main gateway for international visitors catching a flight to Croatia is the country’s capital city, Zagreb (airport code: ZAG). Flights from South Africa are available with one or two stops. Airlines include Turkish Airlines with flights via Istanbul, Swiss via Zurich, South African Airways and Lufthansa via Munich and Air France via Paris. Alternatively British Airways offer a two stop flight via London and Munich. All of the above flights are out of Johannesburg.

Tourists wishing to visit cities like Dubrovnik or Split may wish to look at getting a flight into these Croatian cities instead, or catching an internal flight once in Croatia.

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The Tourist Attractions of Croatia:


The historic city of Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s top destinations. The walled old city you see here today was built in the Middle Ages and is quite beautiful with its coastal location. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a vehicle free zone. This means you can walk the cities old streets without having to worry about traffic, and the area is compact enough to be able to get around by foot.

Dubrovnik is the kind of destination where you could spend your entire holiday. The ancient harbour is full of Croatia’s more wealthy people and their yachts, and there is an excellent view of the harbour and old city from Mount Srd which you can hike up from the city. There are also beaches and many other things to see and so in the area.


North along the Adriatic Sea coast from Dubrovnik is the ancient city of Split. Split was first built in Roman times and there are several signs of the Roman occupation still in existence around the city today, such as temples and squares, and the old city walls.

Split also has World Heritage Sites to enjoy such as the Palace of Diocletian and the old city’s ancient cathedral has a bell tower which you can climb for great city views.

Not too far from Split is Trogir. This is a medieval town and one of the best preserved in Europe. This oo is a World Heritage Site.


The capital and largest city of Croatia is Zagreb. Although not nearly as popular as Dubrovnik, Croatia is earning a reputation as a great city to visit. There’s both modern and old appeal here though many of the popular tourist sights are in the old town. Zagreb also has a lively night life.

Natural Attractions

In addition to the man made cities, Croatia serves a good helping of beautiful scenery too. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Plitvice National Park is absolutely beautiful. There are 16 interlinked lakes here which are all a fantastic turquoise blue and are surrounding by abundant forests. This is said to be one of the most scenic places in the whole of Europe.

When Should You Visit?:

Croatia enjoys a Mediterranean climate during the summer months (particularly June to August) when the average temperatures range from 21 to 27C. During the winter the coastal regions are mild though a little wet, but winter may be an excellent time to visit places like Dubrovnik without the crowds you get in the summer. Further inland, including cities like Zagreb, the climate is more continental and therefore much cooler during the winter, though summers can be hot.

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