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image of CyprusCyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and a popular summer holiday destination. The island has been the subject of dispute for some years between the Greeks and Turks. The result is that the northern part of Cyprus is under Turkish control, though not officially recognised as such.

However, Cyprus, whether you visit north or south is a very safe island, there is no fighting and little tension between the two halves, and you may be able to move freely between north and south. Having said this, the majority of visitors will come to the southern part of the island, and it is this that will be concentrated on here.

Flights from South Africa to Cyprus are offered with a good number of airlines. There are several airports in Cyprus though the largest and one which receives most international flights is Larnaca International Airport (airport code: LCA). Airlines have one or two stop flights from South Africa to Cyprus and include Emirates, KLM, Egyptair, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, El Al Israel and Lufthansa. In addition two stop flights to Cyprus are offered with Ethiopian Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of Cyprus:

Cyprus makes for an excellent family holiday destination and is also popular with couples, young and old alike as there is a good variety of things to see and do here.

The beach resorts are very popular and with the Mediterranean climate Cyprus is a great island for simply relaxing and enjoying the weather. Limassol and Paphos are two of the more popular resort towns, though there are many smaller resorts scattered around the coast of the island. Ayia Napa is famous as being Cyprus’s chief city for nightlife and is especially popular with younger visitors coming here for partying.

Historic Attractions

Cyprus has a great many historical attractions across the island too which are great for a day away from the beaches and swimming pools!

Paphos, for example, is said to be the birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, and there are several archaeological sites here – Paphos Archaeological Park features remains of large Roman villas, and the Tomb of the Kings is worth visiting too.

Near Limassol is the ancient city of Kourion which also has several sites of importance, and in Limassol itself is the medieval castle within the old town.


Nicosia has been a divided city since the Turkish took control of the north of the island. This is the capital and largest city of Cyprus and despite the divide, with improved relations between the two, passage from south to north is now much easier. EU Citizens should have no problems at all though other passport holders may find it a little more difficult.

On the southern side of the city there are numerous museums and other attractions. These include the Cyprus Museum which exhibits Cypriot archaeology, and the Byzantine Museum.

If you want to travel to the northern part of the city attractions here include Ataturk Square and the Selimiye Mosque, though further afield there is a lot to see in Northern Cyprus including the ancient city of Kyrenia.

When Should You Visit?:

Being situated in the Mediterranean, the climate of Cyprus is classified as Mediterranean and is temperate. This is characterised by fairly long and hot summers (from May to September are the warmest times) which are usually very dry. Winters, though they are mild, experience the majority of the country’s rainfall. Most visitors come during the summer, so although winter will not be warm enough for enjoying the beaches this may actually be a good time to visit the archaeological sites as it is much quieter.

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