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Flights to Finland

image of FinlandThe Scandinavian country of Finland is located in northern Europe where it borders with Russia to the east, Sweden to the west and Norway to the north. Finland is both a beautiful and modern country with plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

The main gateway for flights to Finland is the capital city, Helsinki. Here the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (airport code: HEL) welcomes flights from South Africa and around the world. Your flight to Finland from South Africa will involve just one connection and is available with a number of airlines flying a variety of routes. From Johannesburg, Turkish Airlines flies via Istanbul, Swiss has flights via Zurich, South African Airways and Lufthansa are via Munich, KLM via Amsterdam, Air France via Paris and both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer flights to Finland via London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Finland:

Finland has a lot to offer, from its cosmopolitan yet very attractive cities to Lapland above the Arctic Circle, and a bundle of wonderful scenery in between, there is something here for all tastes!


Helsinki is by far Finland’s largest city, and it is also the capital. Situated in the far south on the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki has numerous attractions and things to see and do. There are a number of ways for tourists to get around the city. Cycling is popular and there are extensive bike lanes plus the tram is also a good choice.

Amongst the highlights of Helsinki are the Lutheran Cathedral, the National Museum of Finland, the Helsinki City Museum, the Olympic Stadium and Tower, the Sibelius Monument and Parliament House.

Finland has a number of other cities too, although many of these are industrial and are quite a let down compared to the magnificent scenery surrounding them. However, Rovaniemi stands out above the crowd as the business centre of Finland though also as the gateway to Finnish Lapland.

Finnish Lapland

For many people, Lapland conjures images of Santa Claus, and the Finnish Lapland does not disappoint! If you’re heading up beyond the Arctic Circle you have to visit Santa Claus Village. Yes it’s tacky but you can send a letter or a postcard back home with an authentic Santa postage mark on it, and of course you can get to meet Santa too!

North of here and you go above the Arctic Circle where you can experience the Midnight Sun between the beginning of June and the beginning of July. During this time the sun never completely sets, meaning the days are very long. In the winter this goes to the other extreme and the days are very short and for a time the sun doesn’t rise at all, but opportunities for seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are excellent.

National Parks of Finland

Finland has an amazing number of national parks which of course benefits the natural environment as access can be controlled.

These range from the small Nuuksio National Park not far from Helsinki to the larger Koli National Park in Eastern Finland where you can enjoy fantastic scenery both in the summer and winter, as well as skiing in the winter too.

When Should You Visit?:

When you decide to visit Finland will depend on what you’re coming here for. Finland has a cool climate which can get quite cold in the winter, with temperatures known to dip down to -50C in the far north! The south is warmer, but still cold. Summers are pleasant in the south with the average high temperatures decreasing the further north you travel. The warmest month is July, but if you’re going up to Lapland watch out for the Lappish Mosquito – huge mosquitoes that can make your life a misery!

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