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image of GermanyGermany is a country in Central Europe with a booming economy and rising market for tourism. Its cities have benefited from huge re-development over the last few decades in particular, and its more rural areas have always been popular for their beautiful scenery. Visitors to Germany will find the country has a lot to offer.

The main airports serving Germany are in Frankfurt (airport code: FRA), Munich (airport code: MUC) and Dusseldorf (airport code: DUS). Flights to Germany from South Africa are available both by direct and indirect routes. South African Airways and Lufthansa offer direct flights to Frankfurt and Munich from South Africa. Airlines such as Etihad, Emirates, Swiss, KLM, and Air Namibia provide flights to Germany from South Africa with one connection.

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The Tourist Attractions of Germany:


The largest city in the country and capital of Germany is Berlin. Since the Berlin Wall was ripped down in 1989, Berlin has become a very vibrant city and is becoming hugely popular with tourists from around the world. It’s a centre for culture and history, where the most popular attractions include the Brandenburg Gate and the Charlottenburg Castle (Schloss Charlottenburg). Seeing remnants of the Berlin Wall is also high on many visitors’ lists of things to do.


Slightly north and to the west of Berlin is the city of Hamburg. Hamburg too is one of Germany’s cultural gems, and is most famous for music and musicals. The attractive city also has a large harbour and a lively nightlife.

The Baltic Sea Coast of Germany

Germany has a coast on the Baltic Sea in the north of the country. Although this isn’t the most popular destination in the country, this region is gaining in popularity as a summer holiday destination. Germans have always frequented this area, but now other nationalities are discovering the nice beaches and scenery here too.


The Bavarian region of Germany is one of its most popular places. The major city in this region is Munich, known for its attractive Bavarian architecture and culture, and for beer and sausages! Oktoberfest is a particularly popular time for visiting Munich. Munich is a good choice for flights to Germany if you’re heading into the Bavarian Alps. There are many excellent ski resorts here.

Two hours south of Munich is one of the top tourist attractions in Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle. This fairy-tale castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle, and is situated in the most spectacular setting too.

Lake Constance

In the far south of Germany, on the border with Austria and Switzerland, is the country’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Constance. This is a great summer destination, and the area around this picturesque lake is very popular with hikers and cyclists, plus the lake itself is good for boating, swimming and fishing amongst other things.

When Should You Visit?:

Germany’s climate ranges from temperate to continental, depending on latitude and altitude. In the north Germany has a more temperate climate which gives warm summers and mild winters. Rainfall should be expected at any time of the year. Moving south, the Bavarian region has a more continental climate. Summers are warm to hot though winters are far colder, especially in the higher mountains.

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