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image of SiofokSiofok is one of the top tourist destinations in Hungary, attracting tourists from all over the country as well as many from around the world. Situated on the banks of the large Lake Balaton, Siofok offers everything you would expect from a tourist resort town.

The local Siofok-Kiliti Airport is only a small airport with a grass runway so it’s not open to commercial service. There are two options for flights to Siofok though – the closer Sarmellek International Airport (airport code: SOB) or the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (airport code: BUD). The former is about 80 kilometres away, while the latter is about 110km from Siofok, and is connected by both trains and buses. Coming from South Africa Budapest may be the better option for flights to Siofok and you can fly with South African Airways connecting in Cairo, or with Swiss Air to connect in Zurich. Lufthansa, KLM and British Airways all have similar 1-stop flights to Siofok.

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The Tourist Attractions of Siofok:

Lake Balaton is a scenic and popular tourist destination and the largest lake in Central Europe. There are many towns lining the shore of Lake Balaton, and of these Siofok is one of the most popular for tourists. It is actually known as the capital of Balaton and is the largest city on its shores. Siofok is famous for its great beaches and vibrant nightlife and makes a very good base from which to explore this southern edge of Lake Balaton.

Things to See and Do in Siofok

First and foremost Siofok is popular for its beaches and its nightlife so this isn’t really a destination you’d come to for sightseeing as such. Admittedly, with the scenic Lake Balaton on the doorstep there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to admire, but this isn’t exactly a cultural hotspot. If you’re looking for some Hungarian culture you would be far better off visiting Budapest!

That said, there’s still enough here to give a family things to see and do in between your days lazing on the beach. The Zamardi Adventure Park is an exciting leisure park where you can enjoy numerous thrilling activities, such as obstacle courses, ziplines and more, making this great for adults and slightly older children.

In the centre of Siofok is the Water Tower, one of the city’s main landmarks. This historic tower was built in 1912 and stands 45 metres high. Inside the tower is the tourism office and you can climb up the 128 steps to the top for some great views over Siofok.

Siofok also has many lovely parks and several historic villas. Jokai Park is the largest and it’s historical too. The park was rebuilt to its original plans in 2006 and features many plants and flowers as well as a small Japanese garden. Also named after Mor Jokai (a famous Hungarian writer) is Jokai Villa. This grand villa was built in 1897 and the writer spent his last summer here. You can go inside because today it’s operated as a hotel and restaurant.

When Should You Visit?:

Being a beach town, Siofok is best visited in the summer months when you’ll enjoy warm temperatures. The average high in July (the hottest month) is around 26C, and from May to September average highs are 20C and above. Summers do have a little more rainfall on average than the rest of the year, but if you visit in the winter months this will fall as snow and average highs drop to around zero.

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