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image of SzentendreThe Szentendre area has been settled for more than 1,000 years and the Romans called the city Ulcisia Castra which meant “Wolf Castle”. The modern name is a version of Saint Andrew, and the town is quite popular with tourists who want to see a charming and traditional area of Hungary.

The Budapest Feihegy International Airport (airport code: BUD) is conveniently only 30 kilometres away and offers the best selection of international flights to Szentendre. South African Airways will go through Cairo, and Turkish Airlines will have one stop-over in Istanbul. Lufthansa and British Airways also offer flights to Szentendre, connecting in Munich and London, respectively. Most flights to Szentendre from Johannesburg will take between 15 and 17 hours, including lay-over times.

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The Tourist Attractions of Szentendre:

Open-Air Museum

The Szentendre Open Air Museum is more of a village re-creation than a museum and great fun to walk around in. Many of the buildings are original and you can see what life was like during the 18th and 19th centuries. Within the complex, you can see a mill, stables, workshops, a forge, barns, houses and a church. Not all of the buildings are open for interior viewing but they still create a nice historical atmosphere. Some costumed staff are around to add further life to the village.

More Museums

There are quite a number of museums in Szentendre and you will want to plan on seeing at least a few of them during your stay. Besides the Open Air Museum just noted, there is the Serbian Orthodox Museum, the Barcsay Art Museum, the Margit Kovacs Ceramic Museum and the Szabo Marzipan Museum. The last one is a bit unusual as it is filled with sculptures (mainly Disney subjects, such as Cinderella and Mickey Mouse) made completely from marzipan!

Blagovestenska Church

The Baroque-period Blagovestenska Church is one of the most popular ones for visitors in Szentendre. It was built in the 18th century and has one large bell-tower. There are several well-preserved paintings and frescoes inside, where you can tour any day of the week.

City Square

For a simple look at local Hungarian life, take a walk around the main square of Szentendre, known as Fo Ter. Small shops, cafes and wide cobbled roads make this an ideal place for some pedestrian travel. Sit at a patio and just watch the town go by.


The major city of Budapest is not far from Szentendre and it offers up a whole new range of sights if you take a day-trip there. There are several world-class museums and galleries to visit, as well as the neoclassical St. Stephen’s Basilica. The Royal Palace and National Gallery on Castle Hill are also popular tourist spots in the city.

When Should You Visit?:

The seasonal climate in Szentendre ranges from hot summers to cold winters so you will be able to choose the weather you prefer when you plan your trip. The heat of summer is its worst in July and August and daily temperatures will reach 28C (82F). Spring and autumn are the most comfortable but it will be cold from November until late March.

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