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image of irelandThe Republic of Ireland is a country in Western Europe, situated to the west of mainland Great Britain on a large island, called Ireland. In the north is Northern Ireland, which remains a part of the United Kingdom, but the Republic of Ireland became officially independent from the UK in 1922.

Ireland is served by 4 international airports: Dublin (airport code: DUB), Shannon (airport code: SNN), Cork (airport code: ORK), and Galway (airport code: GW). Flights to Ireland from South Africa are offered by many of the world’s major airlines. Indirect flights to Ireland with one connection are available through airlines such as Swiss, Virgin Atlantic Airways, South African Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, and British Airways. Virgin Atlantic Airways offers travellers flights to Ireland from South Africa to all four of the international airports whilst other airlines differ.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ireland:

Ireland is fondly known as the Emerald Isle because it has such green landscapes. It is a country of rolling hills, and is sparsely populated except for its cities (most notably Dublin), leaving large areas of open countryside and coasts for visitors to enjoy. Ireland’s cities are acclaimed too though, the capital Dublin, is hugely popular as are its smaller cities too, and when combined with history and culture Ireland has plenty for everyone to experience and enjoy.


The capital and largest city of Ireland, Dublin has become one of Europe’s top city destinations. Well known for its huge number of pubs, Dublin also has much culture, entertainment, shopping and more to enjoy too. The National Museum of Ireland and the National Gallery of Ireland are just two of the popular museums here. Other attractions include Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, and Phoenix Park.


Cork is Ireland’s second largest city and features attractive old streets and buildings. The city was founded in the year 600, and like Dublin it too is well known for its pubs and shopping, and landmarks like St Finbarr’s Cathedral (St Finbarr was the founder of the city), Elizabeth Fort, and Cork City Gaol.


Ireland’s fourth largest city is Galway. An attractive and vibrant city, Galway doesn’t have too much in terms of sightseeing, but is a great base for exploring the rest of County Galway and Western Ireland where you’ll find lush green mountains, and the Aran Islands off the coast.


Best known for Waterford Crystal, this is Ireland’s oldest city and has much medieval history to explore. As well as the popular Waterford Crystal tour, attractions in the city include Reginald’s Tower, and the Waterford Treasures Museum.

Other Towns and Cities in Ireland

Above are just a few of the more major towns and cities in Ireland, but dotted around the country there are several more popular destinations, including Kilkenny, Limerick, Sligo, Wexford and Letterkenny.

National parks of Ireland

Ireland has six national parks, scattered around the country. The first to be established was Killarney National Park which features much diversity including the Lakes of Killarney, woodlands, Ireland’s only native Red Deer population and more. Also within the park is the popular visitor’s attraction of Ross Castle.

When Should You Visit?:

Ireland has a temperate climate which means the weather is never too hot and never too cold! The country is kept warm by the North Atlantic Current, and during the summer temperatures often reach the high 20’s C, and occasionally the low 30’s C. Rain is common throughout the year, hence the rolling green countryside which Ireland is so famous for, so expect rain at any time and pack an umbrella!

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