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image of KosovoKosovo is situated in Central Europe. It is a disputed territory that has been under UN governance since 1999, but is considered to be a part of Serbia. However, Kosovo declared its independence as the Republic of Kosovo in 2008 but this hasn’t received recognition from the whole world yet, and certainly not from Serbia. This position makes getting into Kosovo a little more difficult than it might otherwise be.

Availability of flights to Kosovo has been changing over the past year or so and travellers now have a good choice of airlines for flights to Kosovo from South Africa. Kosovo’s international airport is located at the capital city, Prishtina (airport code: PRN). The various airlines offer either one or two stop flights. One stop flights are offered through Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and Swiss, flying via Istanbul, London or Zurich. Two stop flights to Kosovo are available through Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Emirates, and Lufthansa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kosovo:

Despite the political situation in Kosovo, the region does appear to be safe, though is not often frequented by tourists. Kosovo has some very beautiful scenery and architecture to enjoy, along with very friendly and welcoming locals who will be sure to take an interest you! Outside of the capital city, hotel accommodation is usually few and far between so you may have to rely on the Kosovars hospitality to a certain extent when looking for somewhere to stay for the night.


The capital of Kosovo is Pristina (also spelt Prishtina). This is mainly a modern city and doesn’t benefit from the historical charm of some of the other cities in Kosovo, but there are still some things to see here. These include the Skenderbeg Monument, a three storey portrait of Bill Clinton, some historic mosques the Pristina Ethnographic Museum, and Germia Park.


One of the oldest cities in Kosovo is Prizren. This city is full of old mosques and monasteries, many of which date back to the 14th century. It’s worth taking a walk around Prizren and discovering the many churches and other religious buildings the city has to offer. Some have been damaged during troubles with Serbia, though many are still intact. The largest mosque in the city is the Mosque of Sinan Pasha, though there are many others including the beautiful 14th century mosque of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. Visitors will also find Turkish baths here (called hammans), which as well as being interesting historical buildings are still operating, so a great place to experience an invigorating Turkish bath! The city castle is also amongst the popular attractions. This dates from the Roman era and has excellent views of the city.


In the west of Kosovo is the city of Peja. This city has a beautiful mountain backdrop of the Accursed Mountains as well as many attractive 15th century buildings, constructed when the Ottomans ruled over the city. Highlights from the different occupations include the Decani Monastery, the Bajrakli Mosque, the Peja Patriarchate. The mountains are also popular, as is the Rugova Canyon.

When Should You Visit?:

Kosovo has a continental climate which gives the region warm summers and cold winters where snow should be expected.

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