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image of LatviaLatvia is a Baltic country situated in northern Europe, just south of Sweden, and bordering with Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Russian Federation. Latvia is best known and visited for its capital city Riga, though there are also many other attractions to experience in the country too.

International flights to Latvia from South Africa are welcomed in the capital city, at the Riga International Airport (airport code: RIX). Flights to Latvia are indirect with one or two connections. Indirect flights with one connection are available with airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and United Airlines. In addition to these airlines, Air France also offers flights to Latvia from South Africa but with two stops.

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The Tourist Attractions of Latvia:


Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia, as well as being the country’s principal tourist destination. Although all of the city has a lot to offer, it’s the Old Town that most visitors head to first.

The Historic Centre of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, particularly famous for its German art nouveau style of architecture. There are many churches and picturesque narrow streets with brightly coloured buildings to enjoy, and it’s a nice area simply to stroll around and soak in the atmosphere. The chief sites of Riga include the Lutheran Cathedral, which is the largest in the Baltic States and was built in the 13th century with later additions. Saint Peter’s Church is very popular for its 123 metre high tower, which offers fantastic views over the old city and beyond. Other attractions include the Riga Castle, which also houses a couple of museums, and museums elsewhere include the Riga Museum of History and Navigation.


One hundred kilometres east of Riga is the town of Sigulda. Known as the Switzerland of Latvia, Sigulda mixes natural scenery with man made attractions. There are several castles in the area including Turaida Castle, a few kilometres outside the town with great views. In the town there is Sigulda New Castle and the older Medieval Castle, now in ruins, next to it. There are some excellent hiking trails around the area, and in the winter a small ski resort with toboggan run is open. There is also a cable car (the only one in Latvia) which takes passengers across the Gauja Valley, plus there is the Gauja National Park which incorporates much of this area around Sigulda.


Not far from Sigulda is the old town of Cesis. Like Sigulda, this Latvian town also contains castles, plus pretty cobbled streets and houses, and is within the Gauja National Park so surrounded in natural beauty. Aside from Gauja National Park, Latvia also has another three national parks

The Baltic Coast of Latvia

Latvia has quite a sizeable coast and there are several popular towns and cities on it. Liepaja is said to be one of the most popular and is located in the south west of Latvia. This is actually the third largest city in Latvia, so in addition to the attractions of the Baltic Sea, there are other attractions here too, including the nearby secret Soviet military town, called Karosta!

When Should You Visit?:

Latvia has characteristics of three different climates, humid, continental and temperate. Basically what this means is you can expect summers to be warm and pleasant, spring and autumn will be mild, but winters can be quite harsh. Strangely, August is the wettest month of the year.

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