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Flights to Liechtenstein

image of LiechtensteinLiechtenstein is one of the world’s smallest countries and it’s located entirely within the Alps in Western Europe. Popular as both a summer and a winter destination, Liechtenstein offers plenty of wonderful alpine scenery.

Because Liechtenstein is such a small and mountainous country building an airport would be a very difficult task, as would landing a large plane, so there are no flights to Liechtenstein directly. The closest international airport is Zurich (airport code: ZRH) and you can catch a flight to Zurich from South Africa with several airlines flying direct or indirect. Swiss Airlines offers the only direct flight, or choose a one stop flight with Emirates, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, and TAP Air Portugal. Once you arrive in Zurich you ca take a bus, train or car to reach Liechtenstein.

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The Tourist Attractions of Liechtenstein:

As such a small country Liechtenstein is not brimming with tourist attractions and in fact its main attraction is the location and setting – the fantastic alpine scenery is never ending in the country, the only country to be situated entirely within the Alps. Liechtenstein covers an area of just 160.4 square kilometres.

Liechtenstein’s Cities

Liechtenstein has a couple of cities but both will disappoint tourists looking for attractive alpine architecture as they are sorely lacking in such.

Vadus is the capital city of Liechtenstein and it’s located roughly centrally within the country, nearer the border with Switzerland. What might attract visitors to this city is the beautiful castle in the mountains called Schloss Vaduz, however because this is the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein it is not an attraction that’s open to the public and can simply be admired from a distance. Vaduz is also home to the Liechtenstein Art Museum (Kunstmuseum), which features modern and contemporary art from around the world, and the Liechtenstein National Museum. There are several more attractive buildings to see including the Cathedral of St Florin and the Government Building.

Schaan is the largest city in Liechtenstein and it’s located slightly north west of Vaduz. This city has a limited but lively nightlife to offer visitors and several hotels to stay in. The main attraction is the beautiful mountain scenery surrounding Schaan, plus the city’s attractive church.

Villages in Liechtenstein

For a better alpine experience you may prefer to head to a couple of Liechtenstein’s villages that are situated high in the mountains. The village of Balzers has a lovely castle and a church, while the village of Triesenberg has some of the country’s best alpine scenery.

Skiing in Liechtenstein

Despite the alpine location Liechtenstein only actually has one ski resort and it’s a resort village called Malbun. It’s growing in popularity because it offers cheaper skiing than in some of the neighbouring European countries, and during the summer it is of course a great place for hiking.

When Should You Visit?:

Liechtenstein has a continental climate but because it’s entirely situated within the mountains it is a little cooler here than some countries at this latitude. Generally summers will be warm and humid and winters are cold and snowy.

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