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image of MacedoniaSituated in south eastern Europe on the Balkan peninsula is The Republic of Macedonia. Formerly a part of Yugoslavia until independence in 1991, Macedonia is a beautiful country with many lakes and mountains, and attractive towns.

International flights to Macedonia from South Africa land in the capital, Skopje, at the Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP). Flights are indirect with either one or two stops. Swiss, for example, offers one stop flights to Macedonia from South Africa, whilst Virgin Atlantic Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, and South African Airways are among the airlines that offer flights to Macedonia from South Africa via two stops.

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The Tourist Attractions of Macedonia:


Located in the north of Macedonia is the capital and largest city, Skopje. Although a historically important city, Skopje suffered a huge earthquake in 1963 during which most of the city was laid to rubble. This has resulted in many more modern and concrete buildings being constructed here, though there is still much evidence of history if you look a little closer. Kale Fortress is one example, which is great for its high views over the city if nothing else. There has been a settlement here for thousands of years but most of the fort which you can see today dates from 10th and 13th centuries.

The Stone Bridge is another very old piece of Skopje. Built in the 6th century by the Byzantine emperor, Justinian, it has had bits added on, and bits falling off over the hundreds of years that followed. Across the bridge from the main square is the Old Bazaar, one of the largest in the Balkans.

Other attractions in Skopje include the Double Hamam (Turkish bath), medieval hotels, mosques, churches, museums, and lots more. There is certainly enough in the city to keep you occupied for several days at least.

Lake Ohrid and the Town of Ohrid

One of the top destinations in Macedonia is Lake Ohrid, and the town of Ohrid. The town is historically and culturally important and was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in recognition of this. Archaeological digs have actually discovered that Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe.

Beautiful churches are in their abundance in Ohrid and other attractions include the city fortifications, plus King Samuil Fortress. Traditional architecture is also abundant, and if you’re visiting in July and August try to get along to the Ohrid Summer Festival to experience a variety of international music.

The lake itself is very beautiful too, set within the mountains there is great scenery here plus beaches to enjoy during the summer.

Other Towns and Cities in Macedonia

Macedonia is full of attractive and interesting towns and cities, many of which have rich histories. These include the second largest city in the country, Bitola, the small mountain town of Krusevo, and the smaller and quieter town on Lake Ohrid, called Struga.

National Parks in Macedonia

There are three national parks in Macedonia – Galicica National Park in the southwest of Macedonia; Mavrovo National Park in Western Macedonia; and Pelister National Park, also in western Macedonia.

Each of these offers fantastic scenery, flora and fauna, where hiking, mountain biking and more are popular. Plus there is some great skiing in both Mavrovo and Pelister.

When Should You Visit?:

The location of Macedonia means that the country is in a transitional zone, climate wise, between Mediterranean and continental. Generally this gives the country hot and dry summers, and cold winters, where snowfall is always expected in the mountains.

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