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image of MoldovaSituated in Eastern Europe, Moldova is a republic that gained independence from the USSR in 1991. Landlocked by Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is yet to really make it onto the tourist map, but with some interesting attractions it is still a good place to visit.

There is only one international airport in Moldova, the Chisinau International Airport (airport code: KIV) outside Chisinau, the capital city. There are regular shuttle buses and taxis for the 14 kilometre trip into the city from the airport. Only Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa have 1-stop flights to Moldova from South Africa. Turkish Airlines stops in Istanbul, and Lufthansa goes through Munich. You can book with Egyptair and take a two stop flight to Moldova, travelling through Cairo and Istanbul. Another option is with British Airways, and connections in London and Munich. It’s roughly a 20 hour flight regardless.

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The Tourist Attractions of Moldova:

Despite Moldova’s range of attractions and scenery this Eastern European country is yet to attract too many international tourists. The country does have a range of things to see and do, but none that really make Moldova stand out from the crowd. However, now is a really good time to visit Moldova before the country becomes westernised, as several other Eastern European countries are doing. If you visit now you’ll get to see the far more authentic version of Moldova and have the opportunity to experience its history and culture. You’ll be able to see its traditional economy at work, agriculture, and sample some of the country’s excellent domestic wines.


If there is a tourism industry in Moldova it’s in Chisinau, the country’s largest and capital city. Chisinau is located roughly in the centre of the country and it offers visitors an interesting mix of historic and modern, communism and capitalism. Of note are all the many different architectural styles you can see in the city, and there are numerous landmarks to look out for.

At the modern end of the scale Moldova’s capital contains high rise buildings such as the Sky Tower, which has an all glass exterior and is really quite unexpected in an Eastern European city. The city cathedral is of the more historic variety, built in 1836, whole there are also Orthodox churches with their typical architectural features including spirals and domes. Chisinau City Hall is a striking building too with its hints of Venetian architecture.

Chisinau also enjoys a good selection of parks and open spaces where you can enjoy peaceful walks and picnics of a summer’s day. Botanica Park is the largest park where you’ll find trails around lakes, and many trees and plants. Stefan cel Mare Central Park, as the name suggests is at the centre of the city and is well liked for its avenues of trees.

When Should You Visit?:

Moldova has a temperate version of a continental climate. Usually continental climates would mean summer are quite hot and winters very cold, but because the climate of Moldova is tempered it doesn’t suffer from such extremes, this means summers are warm and pleasant, and winters are relatively mild.

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