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image of NetherlandsThe Kingdom of the Netherlands is often called Holland, and more commonly just the Netherlands, and it’s situated in north west Europe. This relatively small country is known for being very flat and is famous for such things as its capital city, Amsterdam, cheese, tulips, windmills and clogs, though there’s more to Holland than just these things!

The main international airport in the Netherlands is the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (airport code: AMS) but there are also airports in Rotterdam and Eindhoven. The Amsterdam airport is extremely large, and there is a regular train and bus service to and from the city. Flights to the Netherlands with South African Airways will transfer once in London, or you can stop in Zurich with Swiss Airlines. Egyptair, Turkish Airlines, Iberia and Kenya Airways all offer flights to the Netherlands as well.

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The Tourist Attractions of Netherlands:

Amsterdam is both the capital and largest city of the Netherlands and in terms of tourism it’s the most popular place to visit in the country. Amsterdam has a great many things to see and do and is well known and liked for its liberal attitudes to various subjects that would be taboo in other countries and cities.

The architecture and canals make this a very pleasant city to wander around in, whether you choose to go by foot, bicycle or boat. Trams are great for reaching attractions that are slightly further outside the main city centre core. A boat trip on the canals is a must do while in Amsterdam.

Numerous museums can be found here including ones you wouldn’t find in most cities, such as the Sex Museum, the Torture Museum, and the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum, though there are many more mainstream museums too such as Rembrandt House, and Anne Frank’s House, while further out from the centre famous museums like the Rijksmuseum can be seen.

Other Cities in the Netherlands
Though Amsterdam is the most popular, the Netherlands has numerous other cities to offer too for a taste of something different. Rotterdam for example features more modern architecture than the centre of Amsterdam, but cities with historic centres should also be visited. Maastricht is a medieval city, and Delft has a wonderful unspoilt historic centre.

The Netherlands National Parks
The Netherlands is not just about cities though and this country has some very scenic landscapes to see too. Dotted with windmills, the Netherlands has many more national parks than you would think, at 20, including the largest, Hoge Veluwe National Park that features a varying landscape of woodlands, heathlands and sand dunes.

For a completely different experience when visiting the Netherlands, go to Efteling. This theme park is great for all ages and it’s themed around fairy tales. There are rides, roller coasters and plenty more to do here.

When Should You Visit?:

The Netherlands has a mild climate that gives the country warm summers and mild winters. August is the warmest month with an average high of 22.3C, and January is the coolest with an average high of 5.2C. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year though on average November is the wettest month and February the driest.

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