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image of KristiansandNot to be confused with the city of Kristiansund, Kristiansand with an ‘a’ is in Southern Norway. It’s a pretty, coastal city that has both historical and modern attractions, culture and museums to explore.

Flights to Kristiansand are served by the nearby Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik (airport code: KRS) which is 16 kilometres from the city and accessible by public bus. More than a dozen major airlines have flights to Kristiansand from South Africa, but only KLM has a 1-stop flight. They connect once in Amsterdam. Kenya Airways has connections in Nairobi and Amsterdam, and both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have stops in London and Amsterdam instead. Most flights to Kristiansand are between 15 and 25 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kristiansand:

Fish Market
Though not the hub of activity this historically was, Kristiansand’s Fish Market (or Fiskebrygga in Norwegian) is still a nice place to visit. A fish market still takes place here and the pretty harbour area features some great seafood restaurants to enjoy too, thanks to a refurbishment of this part of Kristiansand in the 1990s. In the summer it’s busy with tourists and locals alike.

South Norway’s Art Museum
Kristiansand is home to South Norway’s Art Museum, in the centre of the city. This is the second largest regional art museum in Norway so it offers a good collection of permanent art exhibits as well as temporary and touring exhibitions too.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park
In Norwegian it is Kristiansand Dyrepark, but the English translation better describes what you’ll find at this attraction: a zoo and amusement park. Covering 150 acres, this is actually the most visited tourist attraction in Norway, so a popular place! The zoo contains animals from around the world, as well as species native to Northern Europe like the wolf and lynx, while the amusement park portion has been built to look like Cardamon Town; a town within a popular Norwegian children’s book. There are rides and other attractions here too.

Kristiansand Old Town
There’s not too much left of the original buildings that the city was once full of as Kristiansand has suffered two major fires in its history, however, there is still one small section where you can see original wooden houses, and it’s the old town, called Posebyen. There are a couple of streets to the east of central Kristiansand that are like a different world – small, one storey wooden houses, painted white.

Kristiansand Cannon Museum
It may not sound like the most exciting attraction in town, but the Kristiansand Cannon Museum is home to the second largest cannon ever to be mounted on land. The cannon was put here by the German forces when they occupied Kristiansand during the Second World War. The cannon was used to guard the shipping lanes.

When Should You Visit?:

Though you may have to suffer some rainfall in the summer months, Kristiansand has a lot of sunshine too. June to August are definitely the nicest months to visit, when average highs range between 18.6 and 20C. Spring and autumn are short months, while winters are much longer, lasting from November to March. Although average high temperatures stay above freezing, lows do not, and often there can be large snowfalls.

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