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image of RomaniaRomania is situated within south central Europe and has a coast on the Black Sea. Although one of the poorest countries to join the EU, Romania has been experiencing a booming economy over recent years and the country is seeing a lot of change. If you want to experience the more traditional side to Romania maybe now is a good time to visit!

Though there are several airports in the country, international flights to Romania usually arrive in the capital of Bucharest. There are actually 2 airports in Bucharest: Henri Coanda International Airport (airport code: OTP) also known at the Otopeni Airport, and the other one is the Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (code: BBU) more commonly called the Baneasa Airport. Most flights to Romania from South Africa will arrive at the Henri Coanda Airport. You can book with Swiss Air or South African Airways, and have one transfer stop in Zurich. Lufthansa also has a 1-stop flight to Romania that goes via Munich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Romania:

The diversity of attractions in Romania might surprise some unprepared tourists, as this country does actually have a lot to offer. The capital city, Bucharest, has become one of the new European city destinations, but this isn’t all that Romania has. There’s Transylvania for starters!

The capital and largest city of Romania is Bucharest. It is increasing in popularity as a tourist destination, but so far has mixed reviews due to its somewhat strange mix of period architecture. Here you’ll still find grey and depressing communist era buildings alongside historical ones that are towered over by more modern creations.

Amongst the landmarks you can see in Bucharest is the old center where there are still some historical buildings and churches and now a good selection of restaurants, hotels and shops. The Parliament Palace is a top landmark, as is Revolution Square and the Arc of Triumph.

Bucharest has a great many museums too. The Village Museum is an outdoor museum that features an attractive range of historic buildings that have been brought together from many villages across Romania. The Bucharest History Museum is another, and it’s housed within Sutu Palace.

Romania’s most famous region is Transylvania and it’s a place that’s full of history, culture and myths. It is as many people imagine it – a beautiful place with mountains and castles, and a great range of wildlife. It’s worth taking time to tour around this region as there are many different cultures to experience and many wonderful towns and villages to visit. Rasov is one popular town and it features an impressive old fortress, though Dracula’s Castle (aka Bran Castle) is the most famous and it’s on the edge of Transyalvania. Then there’s the beautiful Retezat National Park.

Other Regions of Romania
Romania’s other regions have many other towns and villages worth visiting too, and much more scenery to enjoy. There’s the Black Sea coast and its many resorts, sometimes given the name of the Romanian Riviera. These are beautiful places where you enjoy a summer beach holiday, even though you wouldn’t necessarily associate Romania with this kind of tourism. Other popular destinations across the country include the Painted Churches (Monasteries) of Northern Moldavia, the Wooden Churches of Maramures, and many well preserved medieval towns.

When Should You Visit?:

Romania’s climate is between temperate and continental and the country experiences four distinct seasons. Summers (June to August) can be quite hot and are perfect for enjoying the Black Sea resorts. Spring and autumn are both cool to mild, while winters are quite cold and have extensive snowfall, giving great skiing conditions in the country’s numerous ski resorts.

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