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image of RussiaOfficially known as the Russian Federation, Russia is the largest country in the world as it covers more than a ninth of the planet’s land surface. Covering so much land Russia offers many different attractions but is best known for its beautiful and striking architecture.

Russia has over 1200 airports in total though most visitors will enter the country on an international flight to Russia arriving in one of two major airports, in Saint Petersburg (airport code: LED) and in Moscow (airport code: MOW). Flights to Russia from South Africa are all indirect. South African Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, and British Airways provide one stop flights landing at St. Petersburg. Or fly with the same airlines plus Etihad Airways, Emirates, Swiss, Egyptair, Iberia, KLM, BMI, and Virgin Atlantic Airways for a flight to Russia arriving in Moscow.

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The Tourist Attractions of Russia:

Since the times of the Cold War and the old Soviet empire tourism in Russia has really taken off. It’s becoming more and more popular with visitors from around the world who come to experience its rich cultural history and beautiful cities. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are Russia’s two top destinations, but there are many other great cities too and a total of 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to see in Russia. There are also famous attractions such as the Trans-Siberian Railway for those visitors who want to see more of the country than just the cities.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and its largest city too. There are many attractions in this world city but Moscow is best known by far for Red Square with its fantastic St Basil’s Cathedral as well as Lenin’s Mausoleum, the State History Museum, and the walls of the famous Kremlin. Times have changed since the Kremlin was one of the world’s most secretive places, and now you can go inside!

Saint Petersburg
The second largest city in Russia is Saint Petersburg, and it too has plenty of beautiful architecture. Nicknamed Venice of the North, Saint Petersburg sits on the Neva River on the edge of the Gulf of Finland. Its historic centre is one of Russia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and features such attractions as the Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace. There’s also Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, and Petergof to see here along with many other attractions.

Relatively unknown to international tourists, Sochi is set to become one of Russia’s popular tourist destinations as this is the chosen city for the 2014 Winter Olympics. It’s situated on the Black Sea coast and is the capital of the Russian Riviera. It’s actually a subtropical city, with palm trees and more, making this very unlike what you would imagine for a city in Russia!

Russia’s most famous Siberian city is Irkutsk, and a great place to visit via the Trans-Siberian Railway that travels between Moscow and Vladivostok. The city is famous for its many historic churches, and also offers museums, plus in the winter a wonderful selection of winter attractions such as ice castles, ice slopes, sculptures are more.

When Should You Visit?:

Because Russia is so large the climate can be quite different across the country. Winters are known for being cold and snowy, though somewhere like Sochi (despite being the location for the 2014 Winter Olympics) is actually quite warm throughout the year, remaining relatively mild in the winter. June, July and August in Moscow ranges between 21C and 23C as an average high, while January, the coldest month) has an average high of -4.9C.

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