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Flights to Serbia

image of SerbiaThe Republic of Serbia is located in the Balkans region of Europe and is a completely landlocked country. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, then twinned with Montenegro, Serbia has been an independent republic since 2006. Serbia offers plenty of attractions for tourists including great scenery, architecture, culture and more.

The main entry point for international flights to Serbia is Belgrade, the capital, and the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (airport code: BEG) though there are also international airports in Nis and Vrsac. Flying from South Africa, flights to Serbia are indirect and will involve one or two connections depending ion the airline. Swiss, Lufthansa, South African Airways, British Airways, Air France, and SAS all offer flights to Serbia from South Africa, flying a variety of routes though usually via their home countries.

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The Tourist Attractions of Serbia:

Belgrade is Serbia’s capital and largest city and is becoming one of the new emerging tourist markets in Europe. Meaning White City, this name certainly rings true when you see much of the architecture of Belgrade, including some beautiful ornate buildings.

St Sava Church is one of these; it’s the largest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world and very beautiful, while other buildings that are top on tourist’s lists include the huge Belgrade Fortress. The capital of Serbia has many museums too including the very extensive collections of the National Museum which includes works of art from many international artists. Nikola Tesla Museum is another, and though small it is interesting to visit.

Novi Sad
The second largest city in Serbia is Novi Sad. It’s situated on the Danube River and is a culturally rich city with Petrovaradin Fortress being the big attraction here. This is a huge fortress on the River Danube that now serves multiple purposes – it’s a museum, an observatory and planetarium, and also contains a hotel, restaurants, cafés and nightlife, making this a lively part of the city.

Vrsac and Subotica
The northern city of Subotica, and the eastern town of Vrsac have both been rated amongst the most beautiful towns in Serbia, and both have some lovely architecture to enjoy. Subotica’s Hungarian architecture is very striking, and in fact the city was once the second largest city in Hungary before becoming part of old Serbia. Vrsac has some lovely historical architecture as well as some striking modern buildings too. Vrsac Tower is the most famous attraction in this Serbian town and it dates back to the 15th century, as do two Orthodox monasteries in the town.

Kopaonik National Park
Located on one of the biggest mountain ranges in Serbia, the Kopaonik National Park features stunning scenery and a popular ski resort, making this a year round destination.

For more skiing there’s also another ski resort in Serbia called Zlatibor which is also graced with some beautiful scenery.

When Should You Visit?:

Serbia has a varying climate that depends on elevation and proximity to the closest mass of water, the Adriatic Sea. Generally speaking the south is warmer and more humid than the north where winters can be cold and snowy. Belgrade for example has hot summers with an average high of 27C (81F) in July and August, dropping to an average high of just 3.5C (38F) in January.

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