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Flights to Slovakia

image of SlovakiaSlovakia, officially named the Slovak Republic, is a country in Central Europe that is landlocked by Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Formerly part of Czechoslovakia the two nations parted company in 1993, and now Slovakia has a great many tourist attractions to offer visitors.

Slovakia has one main international airport that’s located just under 9 kilometres from the country’s capital city, Bratislava. The M.R. Stefanik Airport (airport code: BTS) also known as Bratislava International Airport, offers several choices for flights to Slovakia from South Africa, all involving two connections. Air France, South African Airways and Lufthansa are good options for a flight to Slovakia, all of which have a second connection in Prague where you’ll board a flight with Czech Airlines. Another option is to find a flight to Slovakia but landing in Austria’s Vienna, across the border, as this is only 35 kilometres from Bratislava and may be a quicker option.

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The Tourist Attractions of Slovakia:

Slovakia is an attractive country and offers a good range of tourist attractions including well preserved historical towns and architecture, beautiful scenery, and the highest number of castles per capita in the world!

The capital and largest city of Slovakia is Bratislava. Situated on both sides of the River Danube this is a charming city with a beautiful old town, and some striking modern architecture too. Bratislava Castle is one of the top attractions, offering some lovely views over the city of the Danube River, while St Martin’s Cathedral is another prominent older landmark that was built between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Of the new architecture the New Bridge (Novy Most) is one of the best known landmarks especially for its UFO shaped restaurant with observation deck.

Of Slovakia’s many other towns and cities Kosice is a popular one. It will be the European Capital of Culture for 2013, along with Marseille, and offers many historical sights, culture and more. The historical city centre is the main attraction and it’s dominated by St Elizabeth’s Cathedral. Its northern tower is open during the day for climbing and you get some lovely views from the top. While in Kosice also look out for the city’s palaces, of which there are many.

National Parks of Slovakia
Slovakia has plenty of beautiful natural scenery too and this is highlighted by its nine national parks. The landscapes of Slovakia vary from lowlands to highlands and include some scenic mountains with plenty of opportunity for skiing and other winter sports. Skiing in Slovakia is often cheaper and less crowded than many other European ski destinations.

Tatra National Park is the oldest in Slovakia and it covers the Tatra Mountains where, during the summer there are 600 kilometres of hiking trails and 16 marked and maintained biking trails.

When Should You Visit?:

When you should visit obviously depends on what you’d like to do. For skiing you’ll need to come to Slovakia during the winter, but for hiking and sightseeing the summer months are the best times. Taking Bratislava as an example, its warmest months are July and August when the average high is 27C. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year, and summers are usually quite sunny. January is the city’s coldest month when the average high is just 2C.

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