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image of VisbyThe city of Visby is situated in Sweden on the island of Gotland. This spectacular city is often stated as the best reserved medieval city in Scandinavia and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 in recognition of this.

When travelling from Johannesburg, flights to Visby typically have 2 connections. Booking with KLM will take you through Amsterdam and Stockholm, and Air France makes its transfers in Paris and Stockholm. For a non-European connection, take a flight to Visby with Ethiopian Airlines and the stops are in Addis Ababa and Stockholm. Most flights to Visby are around 20 hours long, depending on the airline. The Visby Airport (airport code: VBY) is just 5 kilometres outside the city.

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The Tourist Attractions of Visby:

Visby is a beautiful and popular city, attracting many thousands of Swedes every summer along with the thousands who also come here from overseas. Not only does it offer a great deal of history, Visby is a small and vibrant city that has a great atmosphere during the summer, when the city’s attractions are open. Visby is situated on the west coast of Gotland, and island in Sweden, off the south east coast of the mainland.

Hanseatic Town of Visby
Visby is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list as the Hanseatic Town of Visby and is listed because of its cultural importance. The city is w great place for simply wandering around and soaking in the lively atmosphere that’s so abundant during the summer, while looking out for some of the town’s most important attractions.

The city wall is one of these and it’s still largely intact. It spans a distance of nearly 3.5 kilometres and a towering 11 metres high. The city wall was begun in the late 13th century and today it still contains 36 towers and three main gates to see.

Across the city there are numerous ruins, many of which were once churches, though St Maria Church which was built in the 13th century is still standing. Visby Cathedral is another major landmark and it features attractive architecture.

Along the harbour there are some attractive traditional styled Swedish homes and buildings, while in the Klinten area of the city you can enjoy wandering around narrow streets and admiring the quaint, rose covered homes that stand here and were once lived in by the labourers of the city. The views from here over the lower quarter of the city are great too.

Two more attractions in Visby are the beautiful botanical gardens that contain trees and plants as well as some of the city’s ruins, making this a fairly unique place. The Gotlands Fornsal Museum is the other.

Medieval Week
August is the busiest time of year for Visby not least because of the annual Medieval Festival that’s held over the course of a week. It’s not unusual for tourists dressed in medieval clothing to outnumber those who are not, all in the name of fun! The whole festival is a fun experience with its focus on medieval life and features such things as jousting tournaments, music, jesters, a market, theatre and more.

When Should You Visit?:

Regardless of the weather you should really aim to visit Visby during the summer – July and August. This is because the majority of tourist attractions are not actually open at any other time of the year, and close by the end of August. In July and August the temperatures are mild to warm, with an average high of 20 to 21C.

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