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image of SwitzerlandSituated in Western Europe, Switzerland is a landlocked country most famous for its mountains, knives and watches, though there’s more to Switzerland than this!

There are international airports in Zurich, Basel and Geneva but the Zurich Airport (airport code: ZRH) is the largest one for flights to Switzerland. There is a regular express train service that can take you to and from the airport in under 15 minutes. Swiss Airlines and South African Airways both offer non-stop flights to Switzerland from Johannesburg. Or you can get a 1-stop flight with Turkish Airlines that connects in Istanbul. You could also book a flight to Switzerland with Iberia and travel through Madrid.

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The Tourist Attractions of Switzerland:

When we think of Switzerland usually the first thing to spring to mind is the mountains and there’s no doubt that these form a large part of the country’s tourism, however Switzerland offers so much more than just skiing and hiking opportunities. There’s a unique blend of three cultures that go to make Switzerland what it is: German, Italian and French all combine, and their influences can be seen in different points around the country. Switzerland’s cities are very beautiful, much like the scenery that surrounds them, and then there are the lakes. Here are just some of the best highlights of a trip to Switzerland…

Berne is Switzerland’s capital city and it features a wonderfully preserved old town that is deserving of its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Berne has plenty of spectacular architecture such as the Church Munster. There are several museums worth visiting here too, including the Berne Historical Museum, and the Swiss Alpine Museum.

The largest city in Switzerland is Zurich and although it’s well known as a financial centre this city also has some wonderful historical buildings, such as the Grossmunster. Being situated on Lake Zurich gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the city fro the lake, whether you take a boat trip or a stroll along the Lake Promenade. Zurich also has a reputation for a vibrant nightlife and during the winter it’s popular with skiers who stay in the city and take the train up to the nearest ski resort.

Also situated on a famous lake is the city of Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland. Lake Geneva is a popular attraction it itself and includes the famous Jet d’Eau water fountain that shoots water 140 metres into the air. Cathedrals, museums, and parks can al be explored while visiting this Swiss city.

Other Popular Swiss Cities
As well as the big three Switzerland offers many other beautiful towns and cities all with something to see. Basel doesn’t get as many visitors as it should as this is a lovely city with a medieval old town. It stands as a gateway to Germany’s Black Forest and also to France’s Alsace region.

You should also check out Lausanne, one of Switzerland’s French speaking cities, and the Italian-speaking Lugano close to the famous Lake Como.

Skiing in Switzerland
Switzerland has many world-class ski resorts and has long been a popular destination for alpine enjoyment. If you’re planning to come skiing in Switzerland do your research to figure out which would be the best resort for you. For high glamour it has to be St Moritz, the oldest winter resort in the world!

When Should You Visit?:

When you should visit Switzerland depends on what you’re planning to do while here. The mountains are lovely in the summer months for hiking and other activities and are of course very popular in the winter too. Cities are best visited during the summer when temperatures are mild to warm, depending on elevation.

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