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image of BoliviaBolivia is a land-locked country in South America, surrounded by Peru and Chile to the west, Argentina and Paraguay to the south and Brazil to the east. The constitutional capital city is Sucre, though the administrative capital is the larger city of La Paz. Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the largest city in Bolivia.

Flights from South Africa are available to La Paz which is suitable for visiting the west and to Santa Cruz which is the better airport to land in for the eastern half of the country. South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Iberia and Delta all offer a route from Johannesburg to La Paz though all involve 2 connecting flights. You can also choose a flight from Cape Town, though these also involve 2 connecting flights and are available with SAA, American Airlines, British Airways and BMI.

Alternatively catch a flight from Cape Town to Santa Cruz. There’s no extra respite here though as this route also involves 2 stops. You can choose from SAA, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Delta, BMI or American Airlines, or flights with South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic or BA from Johannesburg.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bolivia:

Although Bolivia is a land-locked country it does enjoy a share of one of the world’s most famous lakes, Lake Titicaca and it’s no surprise that this is one of Bolivia’s most popular tourist attractions.

Situated in the west of Bolivia, and hence best accessed from La Paz Airport, Lake Titicaca is shared with neighbouring Peru and is one of the largest lakes in South America. There is some beautiful scenery here as well as a number of somewhat touristy places which you can visit and stay such as the floating Uros Islands or the small resort town of Copacabana, said to be the original which the one in Rio was named after!

Western Bolivia also contains a great deal of cultural heritage. The pre-Incan city of Tiwanaku is a popular destination situated in the Bolivian highlands at a height of 13,000 feet and surrounded by mountain ranges. The location alone is quite special but the ruined city is the main highlight and is in the UNESCO World Heritage list. With its blocks of stone not usually indigenous to this area, the city has gained the nickname of ‘the Stonehenge of the Americas’!

An hour or so drive from La Paz is the world’s highest ski area, Chacaltaya at an altitude of 5,486 metres and which has some great views. It seems as though there isn’t much of a resort here as the ski lift is said to be the oldest in the world and hardly ever operates, so this may not be the best place to come skiing!

Other attractions in Bolivia worth visiting include the Madidi National Park which is one of the most biologically diverse protected areas in the world. There are over 1,000 different species of birds here for example and a great many wildlife species too including the Andean condor, jaguar, bears, wolves and more.

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat measuring over 12,000 square kilometres. The region is very photographic and is often included in part of a larger tour of Bolivia if you’re interested in visiting.

When Should You Visit?:

Because Bolivia has a varying altitude, the climate can be quite significantly different across the country. La Paz would be expected to be warm due to its tropical latitude, but because of the altitude the city sits at it actually stays quite cool here all year round. In general, Bolivia experiences quite wet summers and dry winters and at lower altitudes the weather is more humid and tropical, ranging to cold and semiarid.

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