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South America:

Flights to South America

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In South America, you will find a delightful combination of tall mountain peaks, huge rainforests, ancient ruins belonging to equally ancient civilizations,

It is only the interest of the traveller that determines what South America can present to you on your holiday. There are many places to travel to on this continent and each place presents its own array of delights to sample: You can choose to look for hidden mysteries within the ancient ruins or you can turn your attention completely to the busy nightlife so intrinsic to most of the cities on this continent.

There are several places to visit when in South America: Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Santiago De Chile, the Amazon jungle – the list goes on and on. Regardless of what you end up choosing, enjoyment is guaranteed as are memories you will no doubt treasure for the rest of your life.

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The Tourist Attractions in South America:

Places to Visit in South America

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Buenos Aires is the place to visit if you are after relaxing café settings in streets lined with beautiful trees. The city has a strong European influence, with exquisite architecture reminiscent of the older days.

Rio de Janeiro is considered, both by tourists and inhabitants, to be the most beautiful city in the world. And, it is nothing short of the claim they stake. It nestles snugly in the bosom of the beautiful mountains and the azure blue ocean. For those looking for the best in beach recreation and enjoyment, Rio is the place to go. You will find it a tapestry of big city and natural life interwoven in the most harmonious way.

Lima is the secret city, covered by the mist of the coast and bordered by sand dunes. This place is for a traveller interested in the culture and trade of South America. Lima has intriguing Incan Empire ruins and brings thousands of people annually to its shores. The city is not a part of Lima as the residents stay close in their village setting. Mouth watering food is served at the many restaurants. If you prefer, you can shop for your own food at one of the markets. There is also Pena’s for drinks and native music.

Santiago de Chile is always changing and being reinvented. This city has no shortage of art, fine dining and places to go after dark. Santiago de Chile offers the Andes, the best wineries and the most relaxing beaches.

South America’s history shows us that each place has a story of its own. It is best to stick with what you know and go for it. The unique character of each of the many cities in South America means that there will be something for everybody.

When Should You Visit?:

Visiting the country of South America will depend on which city you are planning to stay. The weather can vary from place to place. You have mountains, rainforests, beaches, and many climates. Spring runs from September to December, summer runs from December to March, autumn runs from March to June and winter runs from June to September. Take a look online to see what your specific city is going to have in the way of weather when you plan to visit. There are as many weather conditions as there are places in South America.

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