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image of ColombiaColombia is a South American country and is situated in the north of the continent. It has a coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. In the past Colombia has retained a reputation for being a violent and dangerous country to visit, but improvements have been made over recent years. Certainly if you keep to the more popular tourist areas you should not have any trouble.

To get to Colombia from South Africa, you can catch a flight to the capital city, Bogota, from Johannesburg. Three airlines most commonly offer this service, though flights are not direct. South African Airways flies via Sao Paulo, whilst Air France has flights via Paris. Another option involves two stops with Virgin Atlantic, via London Heathrow and New York JFK. To fly to Bogota from the rest of South Africa you have to go via Johannesburg first.

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The Tourist Attractions of Colombia:

As mentioned, Bogota is the capital of the Republic of Colombia. This is a culturally rich city located inland within the Andean Highlands. Although at a high elevation (2,600m/8530ft), Bogota has a pleasantly constant climate with a year-round average high of 19C.

There are a good many museums here, though one which comes highly recommended is the Gold Museum (El Museo del Oro) which is said to have an impressive collection of gold and pre-Colombian artefacts. If you enjoy museums and are interested in the Colombian history, the National Museum (Museo Nacional) is situated within a large building with over 20,000 pieces on display. This is the oldest museum in the country, built in 1823.

Bogota also has many interesting neighbourhoods including the historical La Candelaria. This is the oldest part of the city and has attractive buildings including churches and museums.

For great views of the city there are two options. You can go to the top of Bogota’s highest building, called Torre Colpatria which has a viewing deck open Friday to Sunday, or you can travel on the funicular up to Monserrate. Due to the high elevation this can get cold though!

Colombia also has many other interesting and beautiful cities. These include Cartagena on the Caribbean coast. This is a very popular city with visiting tourists due to its colonial architecture, and it has UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Slightly further north along the coast is Santa Marta, another popular tourist city. This has some of the best beaches in Colombia and offers opportunities for diving in coral reefs.

Away from the cities, Colombia has much varied and beautiful landscapes to enjoy, as well as ancient architecture such as the pre-Colombian city of Ciudad Perdida. This was built between the 8th and 14th century by Tayrona Indians, and though not much is left of the city it is still an impressive site within the jungle.

Colombia also has a variety of protected areas, including national natural parks, national natural reserves and flora and fauna sanctuaries. These include the Purace National Park, outside the religious city of Popayan, and the National Park of Los Nevados near the city of Pereira.

When Should You Visit?:

Due to Colombia’s equatorial location the climate does not vary significantly throughout the year. It is tropical and isothermal here. However, there are variations depending on the location within the country due to there being mountainous areas and coastal lowlands. Obviously temperatures decrease the higher you go. Rainfall also varies by location – in the south east rainfall is very high, for example. In Bogota the rainiest months are October and April.

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