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image of LimaLima is the capital and largest city in Peru, South America, and is an excellent place for visitors to sample Peruvian culture and cuisine, as well as colonial architecture and archaeological sites.

There are a number of options for flights from South Africa to Lima with several airlines though all flights will involve two stops and connecting flights. You can fly from Johannesburg with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic via London Heathrow and Toronto, from where you board an Air Canada flight to Lima. British Airways also have flights via London and Madrid and from Madrid you fly with Air Comet to Lima. South African Airways and American Airlines also offer similar routes, as do airlines flying from Cape Town.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lima:

Lima has a lot of beautiful architecture to offer visitors, much of which is as a result of its Spanish heritage. Lima was founded in 1535 by Spanish conquistadors and the 300 years of Spanish rule really show in many of the buildings. Here are just a few of the buildings worth visiting:

La Iglesia de San Francisco – This is a well-known colonial church situated in downtown Lima and although it has some great architecture there is more here than meets the eye! The church is particularly popular due to its underground catacombs adorned with real human skeletons, plus there is a wonderful library here too.

Huaca Palluna – Huaca Palluna is a very old and large building which dates back to between 200 and 700 AD. It’s located in the Miraflores area and is constructed from handmade sun-dried bricks and stands 22 metres high. Guided tours of the museum, the small park and the craftsman’s house (where you can buy handicrafts) are available.

There are a good number of museums in Lima, some of which concentrate on art and some on history. Amongst the most recommended museums is the Museo de Art which has both permanent and temporary exhibitions showcasing local Peruvian Art through the ages.

Staying with the art theme, the Luis Miro Quesada Garland Hall (also known as the Galeria de la Municipalidad de Miraflores) is said to be one of Lima’s most popular art galleries.

For a good historical museum, try the Museo Larco Herrera which is situated within an 18th century vice-royal mansion. The museum gives visitors a 3000 year overview of the development of Peruvian Pre-Columbian history.

If you are interested in Peru’s history you might like a visit to the huge archaeological site at Pachacamac, which is about 25 km (15.5 miles) south of Lima. Unfortunately, although the site sounds great, it’s actually somewhat of a disappointment. There are three pyramids and a temple of the sun here though they have not been well preserved and only one of them is accessible. Mainly you can only view the site from the road, and whilst there is a museum on site it is slated as being poor.

In contrast, the cuisine in Lima is said to be excellent, particularly the seafood and fish which is available in many restaurants. Unlike some countries, here in Peru the seafood is very reasonably priced, perhaps because it is so plentiful!

When Should You Visit?:

Unlike the diversity in climate experienced across Peru as a whole, the climate in Lima does not vary hugely throughout the year. Lima has a subtropical climate and rain is uncommon here though it can be very humid.

Temperatures are never extreme, so it doesn’t get too hot, or too cold. The average high is 25C (78F) whilst the average low is between 12C (50F) and 20C (68F), making this a good destination to visit at any time of the year.

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