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image of ParaguayParaguay is a country in South America, landlocked by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. It has a variety of attractions to entice visitors here, though it remains one of the least visited countries in South America.

International flights to Paraguay will land at the country’s capital city, Asuncion (airport code: ASU). This is not a particularly well linked city in terms of the flights arriving here, though despite this you do have a good choice of airlines for your flight from South Africa. Choose Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Air France, United Airlines and Lufthansa for two stop flights from Johannesburg to Paraguay, or a flight with South African Airways will get you there with just one stop, flying via Sao Paulo in Brazil then changing to a TAM Linhas flight.

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The Tourist Attractions of Paraguay:

One major appeal with Paraguay is that it’s a very reasonably-priced country. You could easily get by on a minimal budget here for your daily expenditure such as hotel accommodation and dining. Paraguay is also renowned as a cheap place to go shopping, especially for electronics, and even the capital city is very affordable too.


The capital city of Paraguay, Asuncion, probably wouldn’t make it to a list of the best or most visited capital cities in the world! But if you’re coming to Paraguay by air your flight will land here and you should spend a day before travelling onward. The places to see include the impressive National Congress building, the Municipal Museum and the nearby Visual Arts Museum, and the National Cathedral with its pretty square and fountains out front.

Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este is another of Paraguay’s cities, and as the name suggests it’s located in the east of the country. Really there is not much here of appeal to a tourist except for the shopping opportunities. Brazilians and Argentines pop over the border to come shopping here, and the biggest draw is the cheap electronics.

However, Ciudad del Este is also a great place from which to visit the Iguacu Falls. The falls are actually between Argentina and Brazil but the border with Paraguay is just here too, meaning that you can take a quick trip across the bridge to view these spectacular falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The city of Encarnacion in the south east pf Paraguay does have more than shopping to offer visitors. This is quite an attractive city and is the ‘Carnival Capital of Paraguay’ with its annual carnival. Nearby are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Jesuit Missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesus de Tavarangue. These were self-contained cities built by the Jesuits with the purpose of integrating the local people into the Christian faith. The Trinidad site was built in 1706 though it was abandoned when the locals lost interest in the Jesuits. This site is one of the best preserved of its kind in the world and is also one of the most accessible and most visited of these sites.

When Should You Visit?:

Paraguay has a climate which ranges between tropical, sub-tropical and temperate depending on the location within the country.

The eastern parts of Paraguay, for example, can be very wet with heavy rainfall, yet in the far west it is much drier and tends more towards being semi-arid. The north of Paraguay gets the sub-tropical whilst in the south the climate becomes more temperate and hence cooler.

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