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image of SurinamSuriname (which is also spelt without the ‘e’), formerly known as Dutch Guiana, is a country in South America which shares borders with Brazil, French Guiana and Guyana, as well as a coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Suriname is a small country and most of the towns and population are situated along or near to the coast.

There are presently not many airlines who offer flights to Surinam from around the world and those that do will land at the country’s capital city Paramaribo (airport code: PBM). Being a former Dutch colony there are still good ties between Surinam and the Netherlands. This means that flights from the Netherlands are probably your best bet for travel to Suriname from South Africa.

Choose one of a large number of airlines to get you to Amsterdam from Johannesburg, including the Netherlands own airline KLM, as well as other airlines including South African Airways via London, Kenya Airways via Nairobi and Swiss via Zurich. From Amsterdam you can then get a flight either with KLM or with the Suriname national airline, Surinam Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Surinam:

Tourism is not at all big in Surinam as yet, so depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for this could be a good or a bad thing!

Visitors looking for cultural experiences will likely prefer to visit some of the neighbouring countries, whilst those looking for a great beach holiday will likely do the same – after all, Brazil is just to the south with its miles of famous beaches.

What Suriname does have potential for though is eco-tourism, so if you’re interested in experiencing beautiful natural tropical forests, Surinam is definitely a country you should consider. And, despite the information above, Suriname is actually fast developing into a popular tourist destination with a number of large and luxurious hotels being built around the country, so it may not be long before visitors are seeing Suriname as an alternative to those neighbouring countries!

But, returning to eco-tourism, the government and people of Surinam have been very careful not to have their rainforests corrupted as has been the case in many other similar countries, and took the decision that these ecologically important areas would be preserved. This is where eco-tourism comes in!

Central Suriname Nature Reserve

The Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR) has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its importance. The reserve was established in 1998, and covers an area of 16,000 square kilometres, containing montane, lowland primary tropical rainforest and parts of the Guyana Highlands.

The CSNR links three protected areas, one of which is the Raleighvallen Nature Reserve situated on the banks of the Coppename River. There is a great deal of flora and fauna here including many different birds and monkeys. From a tourist’s point of view, the Raleighvallen Nature Reserve is an excellent place for an eco-tourism holiday because specially designed eco lodges have been built here.

Raleighvallen is accessible from the capital of Surinam, Paramaribo, though the journey involves a flight and a 3 hour boat trip. If this doesn’t appeal, Brownsberg may be a more appealing alternative at just a couple of hours by car from Paramaribo. There are specially constructed tourist lodges here too and attractions include waterfalls as well as lookouts with stunning views across the area.

When Should You Visit?:

Surinam’s equatorial position means that it experiences hot and tropical weather throughout the year with little variation in the temperatures. What does vary though are the wet and dry seasons, of which there are two each year. The wet seasons run from April to August and from November to February, whilst the dry seasons are August to November and February to April.

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