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image of UruguayUruguay is the second smallest country in South America and compared to many of its South American neighbours Uruguay is a very liberal and socially oriented country; a fact that some visitors may find surprising!

Montevideo (airport code: MVD) is the capital city of Uruguay and it’s here that most international flights will land. Several airlines offer flights from South Africa to Uruguay. Flying from Johannesburg choose from Iberia, South African Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Lufthansa. All flights have two stops – Iberia flies via Madrid and Sao Paulo, SAA flies via Sao Paulo and Asuncion, Malaysia Airlines flies via Cape Town and Buenos Aires and Lufthansa flies via Frankfurt and Buenos Aires.

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The Tourist Attractions of Uruguay:

The main points which attract visitors to Uruguay are the beaches and the cities and whilst here there are other attractions to keep you occupied also!

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay, situated on the coast in the south of the country where the Rio de la Plata meets the South Atlantic Ocean. It’s a very attractive city and has some interesting attractions including South America’s first monument dedicated to sexual diversity – Uruguay is the first Latin American country to recognise same sex marriages.

Also make a visit to the old town, Ciudad Vieja, and the National History Museum as well as the Plaza Independecia (Independence Plaza), an impressive and attractive plaza which holds the mausoleum of Artigas. At one end you can’t miss the Palacio Salvo, once the tallest building in South America which was originally designed as a hotel though never became one, it now contains residences and offices. Just off the plaza is the Gateway of the Citadel which is the only remaining part of the wall which surrounded the oldest part of the city, called the citadel.

Colonia (also known by its full name of Colonia del Sacramento) is a small heritage town situated along the coast, west of Montevideo.

The old town is a wonderful step back in time with its colonial buildings and classic cars and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. The old city is relatively compact and easy to get around and though the cobbled streets look nice they can become a nuisance after a while! There are nine small museums which can all be entered under the same admission ticket, plus a climb to the top of the lighthouse (faro) is recommended for its views.

Beaches and Beach Resorts
Uruguay has a number of beach resorts, the most popular of which are on the South Atlantic coast and include Punta del Este and Punta del Diablo. Punta del Diablo is actually a small fishing village, but during the summer it becomes a popular coastal attraction for its beaches, surfing and small town feel.

When Should You Visit?:

Uruguay has a mainly temperate climate with warm summers and cool, damp winters. There is some variation in temperatures across the country, but in Montevideo the summertime (January) high is 28C and the winter (July) high drops to 14C with a low of 6C. High humidity always makes the winter temperatures feel colder though.

Because the weather is not held back by mountains in the region, Uruguay can suffer from very changeable conditions, where changes in the weather take place very quickly.

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