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Flights to Alaska

image of AlaskaThe U.S. state of Alaska is separated from the rest of the United States by Canada and is located in the far north west of the North American continent.

The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage, is where international flights land, at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (airport code: ANC). Flights to Alaska from Johannesburg can be made with one connection. One stop flights are available through Delta Air Lines. Choose from airlines such as Northwest Airlines, KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic Airways, British Airways, and South African Airways for flights with two connections. Routes vary but airlines such as British Airways and Air France fly via London or Paris and Seattle, respectively, while South African Airways has flights to Alaska via Hong Kong and Taipei.

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The Tourist Attractions of Alaska:

Primarily Alaska attracts tourists who want to experience the state’s amazing scenic beauty, and there is certainly plenty of it to experience! Alaska is the largest of the 50 U.S. states with an area over 1.7 million square kilometers (663,268 sq miles), making it two times larger than the next largest state, Texas. However, Alaska is also one of the least populated states so this means you can potentially travel for days in the wilderness without seeing another sole! It’s this solitude which appeals to many visitors.

National Parks of Alaska

With all this wilderness it’s not surprising that Alaska has several national parks which visitors can enjoy, and these really contain the cream of the crop in terms of spectacular Alaskan scenery!

Denali National Park, for example, is the home of the United States tallest mountain, Mount McKinley. The whole park covers a staggering 6 million acres! Hiking, camping, wildlife spotting and enjoying the scenery are the most popular pastimes here.

Glacier Bay National Park is another, and this is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the name suggests, this park is best known for its glaciers. Then there’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Reserve, and if you thought Denali was big try this one at over 13 million acres!

Cities in Alaska

Alaska does also have its share of cities too, it’s not all wilderness! Anchorage is the largest city and location of the country’s major international airport, hence most flights from around the world will land here.

Anchorage is a cosmopolitan city and important port and is also quite beautiful as cities go, with the water on one side and the mountains as a backdrop. It depends on your ultimate plans as to how long you will spend in Anchorage. There is plenty to see and do here including opportunities to see wildlife and enjoy the great outdoors, but if you’re travelling onwards you may want to focus more on the cultural attractions such as the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Anchorage Museum of History and Art.

Juneau is the capital of Alaska, though if you want to visit the city you won’t be doing so by road! You will have to get to Juneau either by boat or take a flight from Anchorage. Attractions in the Juneau area include the Mendenhall Glacier and Mount Roberts, which overlooks the city.

When Should You Visit?:

Being situated so far north Alaska has a cool climate, though as it’s such a large state there will obviously be variations from one end to the other.

In Juneau for example, the summers are mild with an average high in July of 18C (65F) and an average low in January of -4C (20F). Anchorage is about the same during the summer, though gets colder in the winter.

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