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North America:

Flights to North America

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North America is made up of The United States, Mexico, and Canada. It has much to offer and a vast number of places to visit along the way. While on vacation or sabbatical, if you like, an individual should never restrict themselves to what they would do at home. There are adventures waiting and those are the things you may want to seek when visiting the continent.


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The Tourist Attractions in North America:

If history is on your itinerary, why not start off in the ancient Roman Empire: Italy. Pay a visit to the nearly 2,000 year old Colosseum in Rome, where more than 50,000 spectators were entertained for more than 500 years by the many gladiatorial contests for which this historical arena was the most infamous for. Then perhaps, head out for Milan. Enjoy a glass of Chianti at a street café while watching the stylish Milanese stroll by or, if shopping is your passion, succumb to the allure of the many famous designers who have made Milan one of the fashion capitals in the world.

Canada provides you with the opportunity to fish or hunt in some of the most remote and untouched places. If this type of sport holds no appeal to you, why not try your hand – or should that not be your feet – at downhill skiing? The Canadian ski areas – and Whistler Blackcomb in particular – are world renowned for their pristine conditions and loads of fresh powder snow. Whistler Blackcomb is easily accessible – a mere 90 minute drive (or 126 km) from Vancouver.

Niagara Falls is another must-see Canadian attraction. Although the thundering waterfalls make for a very romantic setting for honeymoon couples, it is also an awe inspiring sight for family members of all ages.

Moving south, you will cross the borders of the United States. Among the cities that are well worth visiting are Orlando in Florida, Los Angeles in California, Las Vegas in Nevada and New York. The list of things to do in these cities, are endless.

Orlando offers its visitors sublime weather conditions most of the year. Offering Disney, Universal Studios Florida, Wet ‘N’ Wild Theme Park and the Islands of Adventure, Orlando is a firm favourite with families. Disney is an experience of a lifetime. When you enter this Never-Never-Land through the turnstiles, don’t be surprised if you find yourself transformed into a child again. The cast members, as Disney calls their staff, offer sincere friendliness and superb service. The themes are completely authentic and the rides are both enjoyable and safe.

With neon lights broadcasting the presence of the many casinos that line its streets, Las Vegas is doubtlessly the gambling capital of the world. Instant weddings, slot machines and celebrity performances are all part of the glitz and the glamour of the city that never sleeps.

Los Angeles: Home to Hollywood, the Academy Awards and the Walk of Fame. If you enjoy the night life, you will have ample opportunity to party in Downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Hollywood, and the Sunset Strip. For the mellower tourist, the Griffith Observatory, the Getty Centre, or the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre will prove worthy alternatives.

There is more to Mexico than a few whitewashed churches, some lonely cacti and tumbling tumbleweeds. To the 20 million tourists that visit their country every year, Mexico offers fine food, a rich culture and legendary beach resorts like Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Mazatlan, and Ixtapa. Languish on the soft white sand or sip a local cocktail at a beach bar as you watch the sun setting on the horizon. Enjoy some excellent Mexican cuisine before putting on your dancing shoes – these resorts sport a pulsating nightlife.

When Should You Visit?:

The climate in North America is as varied as the places to see. The United States is best visited during the months of April to October. If you like winter, Canada and northern states of the United States offer the best snowfall from December onwards. For warm dry weather, the desert states of America down to Mexico will give you what you are looking for all year round. Whether you prefer to bask the sun on a beach or ski down the slopes in the snow, North America has it all.

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