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image of AnchorageAnchorage is the largest city in the US state of Alaska and is located in the south of this, the largest state in the US. Although not the capital city, Anchorage is home to over 40% of the state’s population and is the major entry point for most visitors to Alaska.

Flights to Anchorage arrive in the Stevens Anchorage International Airport (airport code: ANC). From South Africa flights to Anchorage are indirect and will require two stops. Airlines such as Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Alaska Airlines, South African Airways, and BMI are amongst those offering two stop flights to Anchorage from South Africa. Although the routes differ with the airlines all of those mentioned above have a second connection in Seattle before arriving in Anchorage.

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The Tourist Attractions of Anchorage:

Anchorage is a city set within beautiful surroundings and being the largest city in the state of Alaska you might expect there to be more to see and do here than there is. The reality is that Anchorage is most commonly used as an entry point to the rest of Alaska, and doesn’t itself have many attractions to keep the tourist staying for more than just a day or two. Some travellers may find this to be a real disappointment whilst others love the city so much that they stay for longer anyway!

Anchorage was established as a port city for the Alaska Railroad in 1914, so it’s really quite a young settlement. The city grew quickly around the port as more and more people came to live and work here. However, Anchorage was still a remote place at this time so it wasn’t until air travel became more popular that the city really boomed, though another boom occurred in 1968 when oil was discovered.

Many visitors come to Anchorage to soak up the amazing scenery which surrounds the city. The skyline of Anchorage is picture perfect with the coast in the foreground, and then the high-rises of the city against a mountain backdrop. Those mountains, although parts of the suburbs of Anchorage, are the perfect place to get up close to wildlife with moose, bears, eagles and dall sheep all being commonly spotted here.

After admiring the scenery, the two major attractions of Anchorage are the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

Anchorage Museum of History and Art

Inside the museum visitors can see exhibits on the history of the city and Alaska. The art gallery section features the works of local artists plus temporary exhibitions which vary throughout the year.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is a popular attraction which concentrates on the cultural history of Alaska’s natives. Exhibits, dance performances and shows on all the different native cultures found in Alaska are shown, and the outdoor lakeside trail gives a glimpse into the everyday lives of these cultures too.

When Should You Visit?:

Visitors to Anchorage should expect cool weather throughout the year as the climate is sub-Arctic here. There is a short summer where the warmest temperatures are usually reached in July with an average high of 18C (65F). Winters can be long and cold with lots of snow – January is the coldest month when the average high is just -5.5C and the average low is -13C (9F).

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