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image of CanadaCanada is the second largest country in the world and is situated in North America, bordering the United States – the longest un-guarded border in the world. There is a great diversity from the far east to the far west of Canada, and so much to see that you really could spend months here without breaking the tip of the iceberg!

Because Canada is so large you should decide which area you would like to visit and concentrate your time there, unless of course you’re planning a cross-country trip! This means that you will likely enter the country through one of the main international airports – the most common entry points for international flights are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, though you may also find a flight to Edmonton, Winnipeg or Ottawa if you prefer to visit these parts.

For flights from South Africa to Canada there are a great number of options and you can pretty much find a flight with all of the major airlines. Flying from Johannesburg to Canada, choose from airlines including South African Airways, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines and Swiss Air to Toronto, all of which have one stop/connection. Similar airlines fly to Montreal – South African Airways, Lufthansa, Air France and Swiss Air have one stop, or Virgin Atlantic, BMI, British Airways, Delta, American Airlines and Air Senegal International have 2 stop flights.

Over on the west coast is Vancouver, which again can be easily reached on flights from South Africa. South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and BMI all have one stop and fly via London. Alternatively Lufthansa, American Airlines, KLM and Air France have two stop flights. Finally, flights to Canada landing in Calgary are again available with South African Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss Air, BMI and Air France, all of which have one stop except for Air France and Swiss which have two stops.

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The Tourist Attractions of Canada:

Writing about the tourist attractions across the whole of Canada would be quite a feat, so here are the highlights, organised according to the airports!

Toronto (airport code: YYZ)

Toronto is the main gateway for visitors coming to Ontario. Ontario is one of Canada’s provinces and spans south along the Great Lakes up to Hudson Bay in the north. The city of Toronto is probably the biggest attraction here and visitors can enjoy such things as a ride up the CN Tower for spectacular views of the city and for miles beyond.

Relatively close to Toronto is one of the most famous attractions in Canada, Niagara Falls.

Although Toronto is the largest city in Canada it is not the capital, Ottawa is. Ottawa is several hours north east of Toronto and its attractions include the Parliament Buildings, the Rideau Canal, the Museum of Civilization and the National Gallery of Canada.

Montreal (airport code: YUL)

Still further north in Canada is the city of Montreal, situated in the province called Quebec. The first language here is French, though the large majority can also speak English! Attractions include the Old City and some fantastic historic buildings such as the Basilique Notre-Dame. Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and is said to be one of the liveliest in the whole of North America!

Calgary (airport code: YYC)

A long way to the west, across several of the Canadian provinces, is the city of Calgary in Alberta. For many visitors, Calgary is the gateway to the Canadian Rockies and a great place to start a Rockies touring holiday, visiting places like Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Jasper National Park.

Calgary itself is an attractive city, rising up from the flat prairies to the east with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop to the west, and it’s worth spending a night or two here at the beginning or end of your holiday.

Vancouver (airport code: YVR)

As far west as you can go on the Canada mainland is the city of Vancouver, situated on the Pacific coast. Vancouver is one of the most popular destinations in Canada and its main attractions include Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain – where you can ski in the winter and admire the views of the city throughout the year, historic Gastown, Granville Island, Chinatown and much more!

When Should You Visit?:

Canada is a great year-round destination. During the winter, parts of the country can get very cold, but there are plenty of skiing opportunities in the Rockies and in other areas such as Ontario and Quebec. Summers can actually get quite hot, though there can be quite a variation across the country. Spring is lovely in some parts of Canada though virtually non-existent in others as it turns from winter to summer in a very short space of time!

The best advice is to decide where you want to go and what you want to do, then research the weather conditions and temperatures for that particular part of Canada.

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