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image of DetroitDetroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and sits on the Detroit River. It’s known around the world as ‘Motor City’ because of its long history as an automotive centre, and has also been a source for much popular music. Today this city has seen some years of revitalisation and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

When catching a flight to Detroit, be aware that there are a number of airports which serve the city. The main international airport though, is called Detroit Wayne County (airport code: DTW). From South Africa flights to Detroit are available with a number of airlines, some of which involve 2 stops and some just 1. The airlines with 1 stop are: United Airlines, Delta, Air France and Lufthansa flying via Frankfurt, Atlanta or Paris.

The same airlines offer flights from Cape Town, though all of these require 2 connecting flights.

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The Tourist Attractions of Detroit:

Detroit’s downtown area is located on or near the River and a great way to see the downtown area is by using the elevated rail system, called the People Mover. This runs on a 3 miles loop around the downtown area and the whole loop takes just 15 minutes but gives you some good views and is also a good way of orienting yourself. You could stay on the train or get off at one of the thirteen stations along the way to see the sights in more detail.

Although Detroit has its share of modern buildings this is an old city and has many attractive historical buildings too. Particularly well known are the variety of historic mansions, some of which have been preserved as originally built and can be toured, whereas others have been converted in to restaurants and other things. Amongst the mansions you can tour is the Henry Ford Estate.

You may also like to visit the Henry Ford Museum. Rather than just being a museum about the history of Ford, this is a large entertainment complex as well which includes an IMAX cinema, food and shops, plus a number of interesting attractions such as JFK’s limos.

One drawback with visiting Detroit is that because this city was built by the car, there is actually very little public transportation here, and unless you stay within the relatively small area covered by the People Mover you’ll find that you will need a car to discover parts of the city which are further out.

Detroit Zoo is one such place you may want to visit by car. This is said to be one of the best zoos in the United States and features a train ride and hundreds of species of animals, including an Arctic area, bears, giraffes, primates, apes, lions and many more.

Detroit is also a city to visit for gambling as it offers four major casinos resorts – MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City, Greektown and one just across the river in Canada, Casino Windsor. In addition, Detroit is a popular city for hosting sporting events and various conferences and conventions.

There is a lot more to Detroit than meets the eye, and to really get a taste for the city you would need to stay here for a week, however, the main attractions mentioned above could all be achieved within a few days.

When Should You Visit?:

Detroit’s climate is classified as continental and is heavily influenced by the Great Lakes. Winters can get cold – the average high in January is less then 0C (31F), whereas summers can get hot – July is the warmest month with an average high of 28C (83F).

Precipitation is steady throughout the year, though the wettest month is June. Snowfall is common between November to early April.

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