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Flights to Jamaica

image of JamaicaJamaica is an island nation situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 145 kilometres (90 miles) south of Cuba. Jamaica is popular as a tropical holiday destination, though it also has the attractions of cities, culture and mountains.

Jamaica has two international airports, both of which high numbers of international visitors each day. The airport at Kingston, the capital, is the Norman Manley International Airport, whilst the other is in Montego Bay, called Donald Sangster International Airport.

Flights from Johannesburg to Kingston are available with a great many airlines. Your journey will require two connecting flights, and the most common route is via London Heathrow and New York JFK with airlines – South African Airways, British Airways, BMI and Virgin Atlantic, though you can also choose a flight with Iberia via Madrid and Miami, Delta via Atlanta and Miami or Air France via Paris and Miami.

There are an equal number of choice is you wish instead to fly to Montego Bay, and similar routes are available with most of the airlines mentioned above. The best advice is to base your choice on where you will be staying in Jamaica and choose the closest airport for you.

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The Tourist Attractions of Jamaica:

A large number of visitors to Jamaica will come here on a pre-booked package, i.e. one booked through their tour operator which includes flights and accommodation. For these people, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beaches and the Caribbean Sea is the prime objective of their holiday and Jamaica makes for a great place to do this!

Resorts on Jamaica are usually set up so that visitors have everything they could need for a relaxing holiday, and if you want to venture out and see a bit more of this island you’re visiting, there are usually day tours which you can take to some of Jamaica’s popular spots.

If you’re looking to head out from your resort, here are some of the places you might like to visit:


Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and a lively and bustling city, quite large considering the size of the country! The Port Royale area is an interesting part of the city, famous for being a 17th century haven for pirates! Also visit the largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean, Hope Botanical Gardens, and the next door Hope Zoo. To find out more about Jamaica’s history you can visit the Institute of Jamaica which has museums, art galleries and a library. For a different kind of museum experience, there’s always the Bob Marley Museum!

Montego Bay

Although Montego Bay is a second city to Kingston, you’ll actually find the larger of the two airports here, and this is where many of the world’s charter airlines will fly to. There is no a great deal to attract tourists to the town itself, but many of Jamaica’s resorts are situated in this area.

The Blue Mountains

Away from the cities and the popular coastlines are Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, named as such because the peaks are invariably covered in mist and give the mountains a bluish hue. If you want to see more of the Blue Mountains the best way is to hike the Peak Trail. From the peak, provided you’re not shrouded in mist, the views are spectacular. This region is also famous for Blue Mountain Coffee!

When Should You Visit?:

Jamaica has a tropical climate characterized by hot and humid weather, although the higher regions such as the Blue Mountains will experience cooler temperatures than the rest of the island. Around the coastal areas the temperatures remain consistently around 30C throughout the year. The main thing to remember with Jamaica is that it is situated in the hurricane belt – hurricane season is usually in the summer and autumn.

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