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Flights to Mexico

image of MexicoMexico is a very popular destination because of its great variety of attractions on offer to tourists. Mexico is situated on the North American continent and has thousands of miles of coastline and one of the most populous cities in the world.

Flights from South Africa to Mexico City are available with a good choice of airlines and routes. From Johannesburg you can get a flight with the following airlines: Delta, KLM, Air France, South African Airways, Lufthansa and Alitalia, connecting through Atlanta, Amsterdam, Paris, New York or Frankfurt. To fly from other cities in South Africa you would first need a connecting flight through Johannesburg.

If you would like to visit elsewhere in Mexico, you can catch a flight from Mexico City to other parts of the country.

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The Tourist Attractions of Mexico:

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is centrally located within the country. Rather then just being an urban sprawl, the city actually has a lot to keep tourists occupied including evidence of its 700 year history from when the Aztecs founded a city here.

If you want to visit a museum which has much about Mexican cultures, visit the Museum of Anthropology which is said to be one of the best museums in the world.

Other highlights of Mexico City include two towers which you can get to the top of for great views. The older and slightly shorter tower is Latinoamericana Tower, and the newer and highest tower in the city is Torre Mayor.

On the outskirts of Mexico City are the Teotihuacan ruins built by the Aztecs. Here you’ll find some of the largest ancient pyramid structures in the world. The site is also very large and although you can climb the pyramids it is a long and tiring climb!

The most famous ancient ruins in Mexico are situated on the Yucatan Peninsula which was home to the Mayan civilisation. Chichen Itza if the most popular as this is the largest and most restored of the ruins on the peninsula. The city is extensive and there is a great deal to see making it no surprise that this is the most visited destination in Mexico.

Also on the Yucatan Peninsula is the world famous resort of Cancun which enjoys a Caribbean coast with amazing beaches and inviting blue waters. The town was actually built purposely as a tourist resort so there’s everything here that you could possibly need whilst on holiday. It is a great place to spend a relaxing holiday, though there is so much to do within easy reach of Cancun that you could actually be kept very busy!

Mexico’s other top tourist destination is the large peninsula in the north west of the country, called Baja California. Being so close to the United States, this part is very popular with Americans. There is much to do here too, including world-class surfing, sailing and deep sea fishing as well as much exploring inland. There are dormant volcanoes here, large desert areas and historic towns, and the beaches are all excellent.

Whale watching is reputedly very good from this part of Mexico. Several different breeds of whales live in these waters as well as dolphins and many other types of sea-life.

When Should You Visit?:

Mexico is a large country and hence the climate will vary depending on where you are. Generally though, in the south you can experience warm temperatures all year round and in the north although summers are hot, winters are cooler.

The yearly average in the south is between 24 and 28C and there is only a 5C difference between summer and winter. In the north, the colder winter temperatures bring the yearly average down to between 20 and 24C.

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