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image of QuebecQuebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. It’s a historical city with some outstanding architecture, and with its French background you could be mistaken for thinking you’d landed in France, not Canada!

A variety of airlines offer flights from South Africa to Quebec, all of which involve two stops and changes to connecting flights along the way. The airlines with flights from Johannesburg include Swiss Air, South African Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Air Senegal International, Delta, American Airlines and BMI. Different routes are available with the different airlines, though several go via Montreal, and several via New York.

Flights are also available from Cape Town to Quebec with SAA, Delta, BMI, KLM, American Airlines, Air Senegal International and Air France. All but Delta involve two stops, whereas Delta involves just one, flying via New York.

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The Tourist Attractions of Quebec:

The major tourist interest in Quebec City is the Old Town. This part of the city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are a number of places which should be visited.

The upper part of the Old Town is very much a tourist district, though don’t let this put you off as there’s nothing really tacky about it, it’s actually a very nice area to walk around.

Chateau Frontenac is the most recognised building in Quebec City and is a huge hotel owned by the Fairmont chain. It was built in the late 19th century by Canadian Pacific Railway, so isn’t as old as many of the other buildings around it, but fits in to its surroundings perfectly. As you can probably imagine, rooms here are not cheap so if you can’t afford to stay why not pop in for a drink and admire the views from here?!

Alongside the Chateau is Dufferin Terrace. This is essentially a walkway but if you want some good views of the St Lawrence River, this is a great place to get them.

Quebec’s City walls are quite impressive and enclose this area. At one point you will come across the Citadel. This is a fortification where you can witness the changing of the guard ceremony at 10am each morning.

Outside the City Walls is one of the tallest buildings in Quebec, Observatoire de la Capitale, from which you can get panoramic views of the whole city.

In the Basse-Ville area is a beautiful public square, called Place-Royale. This is where the first French settlement in North America was founded in 1608. Though the buildings aren’t from this era, the square has been built in honour of the occasion and is very picturesque.

Also in Basse-Ville is the Musee de la Civilization (Museum of Civilisation) which features a history of Quebec and exhibits on different peoples from around the world.

Quebec is a beautiful city to enjoy from a horse-drawn carriage, and one hour tours of the Old City are available. Another recommended tour is by boat. A St Lawrence River Cruise of 3 hour duration can be taken for beautiful views fro the river. The sunset cruise is said to be particularly stunning. Another, shorter alternative is the ferry to Levis. This crosses the river giving lovely views fro the other side and is a good alternative if you’re stuck for time.

There is much more to Quebec City than can be covered here. In the winter, Quebec is very different and has many winter based attractions to offer, such as the nearby Ice Hotel – yes, it’s entirely made of ice! Skiing is also popular here and the traditional Winter Carnival in the first week of February is spectacular and features an ice palace.

When Should You Visit?:

As mentioned above, Quebec has much to attract visitors all year round, so it really depends on what interests you most.

The climate is humid continental and hence has warm and humid summers and cold and snowy winters. Precipitation is heavy throughout the year and in the winter Quebec City is one of the snowiest cities in Canada.

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