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image of FijiFiji is an independent country situated in the South Pacific Ocean and consists of several large islands amongst the total of 332 islands in the archipelago.

The journey from South Africa to Fiji is a long one, involving several changes along the way! South African Airways has flights from Johannesburg to Perth in Australia. Here you change to an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland, then change again for the flight to Fiji’s main international airport at Nadi. The total journey time for this route is around 32 hours.

An alternative, which is cheaper, but takes longer, is to fly with Emirates to Dubai, then change in Dubai and fly to Sydney, then from Sydney take an Air Fiji flight to Nadi. Another option is to go via the United States. Several airlines offer flights via London Heathrow, then Los Angeles to Nadi, including British Airways, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

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The Tourist Attractions of Fiji:

The largest island in Fiji is Viti Levu, where, as well as the capital city you’ll find the highest mountain, Tomanivi, situated on the east coast.

Suva is the capital city of Fiji and features the tallest building in the country, the Reserve Bank of Fiji Building, though at only 14 stories high it doesn’t really rival other country’s tallest buildings! Other cities include Lautoka and Nadi. Nadi is the gateway to Fiji as this is where the International Airport is located. Other than being the main entry point for most visitors, there’s not a lot to do here, though if you find you have some spare time you could visit the largest Hindu Temple in the Pacific.

Inland from Nadi and Lautoka are the mountains and the Koroyanitu National Park. Here you can experience semi-rainforest, see waterfalls and small villages.

What most people visit Fiji for is the tropical climate and relaxation on the many beaches. Fiji is not actually as developed, tourist-wise, as you might think, and many of the islands offer only basic ‘backpackers’ accommodation which may be a little too rustic for some tourists. For those who want to feel that they’re getting back to nature though, Fiji is an excellent choice! Having said that, don’t let this put you off because there are still resorts and resort hotels here too for those who like a little more luxury.

The Yasawa Islands are a group of islands in north-western Fiji which contain about 30 resorts between the major 12 islands. It is said that most of these provide basic accommodation and meals, and vary from the very basic bed in a room, to those with en-suite toilet and shower. In this unspoilt island group, the main attractions are hiking and diving or snorkelling, as well as a cave trip.

You could spent many weeks island hopping around the whole of Fiji and still not see it all. The islands mentioned above are only a very small percentage of what makes up Fiji.

When Should You Visit?:

Fiji has a climate classified as tropical marine and there is only a slight variation in temperatures across the year. Although hot, temperatures do not usually exceed 35C because trade winds keep it moderated year-round.

You probably don’t want to visit between December and February as this is the rainy season and also the time most likely to experience a tropical cyclonic storm.

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