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Flights to Oceania

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Oceania is made up of four regions. You will find Melanesia, Australasia, Micronesia and Polynesia here. Together, these four make up the heart of Oceania.

Oceania was named by Dumont D’Urville (Frenchman) in 1831. Although this continent is the smallest in the world, the resources and natural beauty far surpass what you would expect it to have. To give an accurate count of the correct size of the land associated with Oceania, you would have to argue many of the numbers. Some add Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and Malay Archipelago into the mix while others do not. This makes a world of difference to the size.

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The Tourist Attractions in Oceania:

Oceania has no shortage of places to visit while on vacation. The larger land masses are known for their high tourist rate. Only eight short years ago, it was estimated that twelve million people lived in Oceania.

The Great Barrier Reef is the better known Australian attraction. It is great for anyone who loves or would love to learn scuba diving. It incorporates the largest coral reef system in the world. There are over 3,000 different reefs underwater and 900 islands that make it up. The size of the Great Barrier Reef is so vast that it can be viewed from outer space and has been awarded the largest single structure of living organisms’ award. Within the Great Barrier Reef, there is a diverse habitat of life. Some areas of the Reef are protected from human intervention while others are there to be enjoyed by all.

While visiting Oceania, a must see is the island known as Kangaroo Island. It is third in line to being the largest of all. Kangaroo Island offers the vacationer surfing and swimming at the most beautiful, pristine beaches. Old shipwrecks can be explored and the colourful landscape is perfect for photographers. The Kangaroo Island National Parks offer a plethora of wildlife to discover. Some of the wildlife has been moved to the island because it is a safe habitat, free of predators. This helps the species to flourish and thrive. As you can guess, kangaroos are found in good numbers here and were the focal point of Flinders in 1802 when he named the island.

The Sydney Opera House, created by Jorn Utzon, is ranked right up there with the Empire State Building in North America and the Eiffel Tower in France. It is also the one structure that is photographed more than the others. The Sydney Opera House was first opened in 1973 and it represents to Australia what the Pyramids do to the Egyptians. It sits on Bennelong Point and is stretched out to the harbour. With the backdrop of the Sydney Skyline Bridge behind and the blue ocean under, this is a breathtaking site.

The vineyards make a great stop along the way. Oceania is one of the best places to get a great bottle of wine at a really decent price. If you visit at the right time, you may be able to tour the vineyards and sample some of their products before you buy.

When Should You Visit?:

Oceania is tropical and subtropical which means it is mostly humid. There are some areas that stay wetter than others. Anytime of the year is good to take a vacation on the islands of Oceania.

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