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image of GuamGuam is a South Pacific island and an overseas territory of the United States, situated about three quarters of the way between the Philippines and Hawaii. It is considered to be a part of the Mariana Islands, and is the largest and southernmost of this chain.
Guam is served by its only civilian airport, Won Pat Guam International Airport (airport code: GUM). From South Africa you have a good choice of airlines for your flight to Guam, all of which will involve two connections and a journey time of anywhere between 25 hours to 44 hours depending on the airlines and the flight route you decide on.
The two fastest routes are South African Airways to Hong Kong, then a Cathay Pacific flight to Seoul then a Korean Airlines flight to Guam; or take an Emirates flight to Dubai then change to another Emirates flight to Nagoya, then a Continental Airlines flight to Guam. Other airlines you can choose include All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of Guam:

Guam as a tourist destination is relatively unknown outside of the US and Japan. The main market is Japanese tourists and although this is primarily a tropical island destination, Guam also has a fair amount of culture to offer its visitors.

With the growth of the tourism industry over the past few decades, Guam has a surprisingly good tourist infrastructure considering its relatively small size. There are a good number and range of hotels as well as golf courses and other tourist facilities.

Diving is a popular pastime on Guam and there are several more popular dive sites including a couple of sunken Japanese warships in Apra Harbor and a reef feature known as the Blue Hole which is a hole in the reef and suitable for more advanced divers.


The capital and second largest town on Guam is Hagatna (formerly called Agana). Situated on the north western shore of the island, the town has several attractions of interest including the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica and the Plaza de Espana. The Latte Stone Park is an historical attraction – these are pillars with stones on the tops and were used as building supports by the ancient Chamorro people.


Tumon is the main tourist centre of Guam so you’ll find the majority of the island’s hotels here as well as shopping, restaurants and more. Some visitors may be disappointed at how Americanised Guam is when you look at the choice of restaurants on offer – McDonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Café, and the list goes on! However, if you do want a more ‘local’ meal, seafood is plentiful and served with more authentic Pacific cuisine. There are also a good variety of other cuisines such as Chinese, Filipino, Chamorro and Japanese to name a few.

War in the Pacific National Historic Park

Maintained by the US National Park Service, the War in the Pacific National Historic Park was established to honour those who fought in the Pacific during WW2. As US sites go this one is unique because it doesn’t only honour the US casualties but those from other nations who participated too including Japan, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, the Netherlands and more.

When Should You Visit?:

Guam has a tropical marine climate with temperatures which vary little across the year – the average high temperature is 30C (86F) whilst the average low is 24C (76F). There are just two seasons, wet and dry. The dry season is between December and June, whilst the wet season is the rest of the year. January and February are the coolest months whilst October and November are the months which pose the greatest risk of typhoons.

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