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Flights to Kiribati

image of KiribatiKiribati, pronounced Kiri-bass, is an island nation in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of 32 atolls and one island, spread over a vast area of 3.5 million square kilometres.

Unlike many of its island nation neighbours, Kiribati is not your typical tropical island destination. The people who live here are amongst the poorest in the world and hence facilities, like a good tourist infrastructure, are not particularly common. You won’t find numerous beach resorts lined with luxury hotels here and so the whole of the country will suit visitors who are more used to basic rather than luxurious holidays.

With the above in mind, although there are many airports scattered across the islands of Kiribati there are not many airlines who offer flights from international destinations. Therefore finding a flight from South Africa to Kiribati is not the easiest travel planning you’ll ever do!

The best options for flights to Kiribati are to get a flight from Johannesburg to Fiji and then catch a flight from Fiji. This in itself is a long and arduous journey involving several connections and flying via Australia and New Zealand. However, Air Pacific does offer these flights plus a couple of other routes. Our Airlines (formerly Air Nauru) also has flights to Kiribati. From Johannesburg, fly to Brisbane, Australia, then via Honiara in the Solomon Islands.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kiribati:

Kiribati’s atolls are divided into three island groups – Gilbert Islands, Line Islands and Phoenix Islands. As already mentioned, tourism is not big in Kiribati so there are only really a few select places which visitors would really want to travel to.


Kiritimati is one of the most popular islands tourism-wise in Kiribati. Discovered by Captain Cook on Christmas Eve 1777, it was named Christmas Island, and still retains this alternative name to this day.

The island can lay claim to being the largest coral atoll in the world, which actually makes up most of the land mass area of the whole of Kiribati. There are several hotels on the island, most of which will offer visitors a fully inclusive package. This is worth paying the extra for because buying food and drink in Kiribati is expensive and there is very little choice.

The two main activities on Kiritimati are fishing and scuba diving. Not surprising, scuba diving is popular due to the coral atoll as well as the abundant marine life and extra excitement in the form of ship wrecks.


The atoll of Tarawa contains Kiribati’s capital, called South Tarawa. The international airport, Bonriki International Airport (airport code: TRW), is located here. There are hotels for visitors who wish to stay in this part of Kiribati, but to be honest, not a lot else!

When Should You Visit?:

Although not as unbearably hot as some countries in the tropics, Kiribati makes up for this with its high levels of humidity instead. The tropical climate is moderated by trade winds which serve to reduce the humidity a little. The wet season usually falls between December and March, so best to avoid visiting during these times.

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