Marshall Islands Flights:

Flights to Marshall Islands

image of Marshall IslandsThe Marshall Islands is a nation of islands situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about half way between Australia and Hawaii. There are two archipelago chains here, consisting of 29 atolls and 5 isolated islands, leaving no shortage of exploring for intrepid travellers!

Flights from South Africa to the Marshall Islands are available from Cape Town with Delta and United Airlines. These airlines make two stops en-route – Delta flies via New York and Honolulu, whilst United flies via Heathrow and Honolulu, landing at the Marshall Islands international airport at the capital of Majuro.

From Johannesburg you can also get flights with Delta and United Airlines, flying the same, or similar routes, with two connecting flights along the way. An alternative is to get a flight with either Qantas or South African Airways – both of these fly via Sydney and Honolulu before reaching the Marshall Islands.

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The Tourist Attractions of Marshall Islands:

Although the Marshall Islands do have a lot to offer visitors, as yet the islands haven’t been heavily developed and the government isn’t really taking advantage of the opportunities. But, this does mean that if you visit the Marshall Islands right now you’re far more likely to be able to experience the authentic culture of the islands than if you visit in years to come when much development has taken place. This means that the Marshall Islands are a great place to visit for people who prefer to travel independently and away from the crowds.

The Marshall Islands gives visitors a more relaxed pace of life. The most popular pastimes here include fishing and boating and as a visitor you are bound to get involved with some aspect of these!

Charter boat tours for example are an excellent way of exploring the islands and atolls and what better way to enjoy some snorkelling or scuba diving in this Pacific paradise – coral reefs are abound and there are exciting wrecks such as at Bikini Atoll and Kwajalein Atoll to investigate. Sport fishing is very popular and is said to be excellent here in the Marshall Islands so you have the chance to catch some amazing marine life!

Some wonderful handicrafts are produced on the Marshall Islands, so you can buy some for yourself or friends and family. The handicrafts are renowned for their originality and artistic quality and include jewellery, hats, mats, model canoes, baskets and more.

For evenings in the Marshall Islands you can sample cuisine from all over Asia and the Pacific as you’ll find Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Western foods here as well as a good variety of Marshall Islands local favourites too. And after a meal, get to know the locals in one of the clubs or bars in the area – you’re guaranteed a fun evening!

When Should You Visit?:

The Marshall Islands has a tropical climate with a wet and a dry season. The wet season runs from May to November, and though there are rains the temperature stays fairly constant throughout the year at around 27C (81F).

The waters are also very pleasant around the Marshall Islands, averaging at 26C (80F) makes them very pleasant for swimming, diving and more.

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