Nauru Flights:

Flights to Nauru

image of NauruNauru is the smallest independent republic in the whole world, measuring a tiny 21 square kilometres! The island is located in the South Pacific, north of Australia and south of the Marshall Islands.

Being such a small island, flights to Nauru are not particularly frequent though Nauru does have the advantage of having its own international airport. Flights to Nauru come from Brisbane (in Australia) and are on Nauru’s own international airline, called Our Airline. All flights are via Honiara on the Solomon Islands and depart on Thursdays flying to Nauru, and on Sundays flying back to Brisbane.

From South Africa you have the option of choosing one of several airlines to get you from South Africa to Brisbane prior to the onward flight to Nauru. Airlines flying from South Africa to Brisbane include South African Airways, Qantas and Emirates.

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The Tourist Attractions of Nauru:

Measuring only 21 square kilometres, it’s not surprising that the tourist attractions of Nauru are somewhat limited, as are the facilities and services!

There are a couple of hotels on Nauru, so with only a small number of beds available for visitors it’s worth making a reservation in advance to be on the safe side. Places to eat and drink are few and far between as well – the only public bar on Nauru is within the Menen Hotel and you’re unlikely to find any posh or high class restaurants here. Beers are imported from Australia, as is most of the food. You can eat on a budget though if you make use of the many small places to eat, which generally serve Chinese food.

Other facts you’ll find useful when planning a visit to Nauru is that English is fairly widely spoken and understood, especially amongst officials, so if you need information this should be quite easy to come by. The currency used is the Australian Dollar so you don’t need to worry about having to use a rare currency!

The island, being so small, is easy to get around. The road circumnavigating the island is just 19km long and you can make use of the community buses which travel along it. It’s unlikely that you’d need to rent a car but you can usually do so if required.

Many visitors to Nauru will likely be coming here for the novelty and will stop over whilst visiting a number of other countries in the South Pacific, rather than making this their sole holiday destination. There certainly isn’t enough here to keep you occupied for more than a few days unless you’re particularly interested in phosphate – the main form of industry on Nauru!

When Should You Visit?:

You’re guaranteed hot weather in Nauru as the climate is hot and very humid all year round due to the island’s proximity to the equator. The temperatures throughout the year range between 26 and 35C (79 and 95F) in the daytime and between 25 and 28C (77 and 82F) at night, so night doesn’t bring much respite if you’re hoping for cooler temperatures! Nauru is also affected by monsoons between November and February.

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